Four Valuable Tips to Create the Most Effective Stall Design

Every exhibitor whether a first timer or an experienced one hopes to put up their best show at every business exhibition they participate in. One of the key factors for a successful show, as the research points out is having a good stall design. Remember, at the exhibition the visitors tend to be attracted by the stalls that have the most unique and attractive design. It is this component of the stall you would make you stand out from the competitors.

Irrespective of how small or big your stall is or you have a two side open or three sided open design, you have to convey your message to the audience in an emphatic way. The best stall designer Mumbai offers comprehensive stall designing services right from creating a stall design as you need to installing and dismantling the stall. But, before you start looking for the designers, you need to be thoughtful about how you can make your stall more effective. Here are four tips that will help you.

Look at the past design

If you have an event coming up, the first and foremost thing to do is review your past designs and avoid doing what you did in the previous exhibitions. This way you would avoid committing the same mistake in the design as you did in the past. Review the past year exhibition design plans and figure out what worked best for you, and then create a new design accordingly. It is also important that you review the design of your competitors and find a way how you can be better than tem and gain an edge.

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Use lighting in a creative way to make the design stand out

A good lighting plays an important role in making the otherwise dull stand design look attractive and effective. You can use the light box to illuminate the signage and brand logo for your outdoor displays and even in exhibition stands. Also, lightboxes allows you to incorporate various alluring backdrop illumination settings to the exhibition stand. The LED lights are another effective lighting tool that would greatly enhance the design of your stall.

Keep yourself abreast with the latest designing trends

The exhibition stall design trends keep changing every year. This implies that the things that worked wonders for you last year may not have the same effect this year. The constant changes in the trends not only keep the exhibitors on their toes but also give them ample opportunities to improve and adapt to the new changes in the industry.

A few years ago the use of tablets at the stalls was very popular and it got the exhibitors incredible amount of success; likewise, the use of LCD screens at the exhibition stalls was immensely popular about five years ago. Do a bit of research on the designs that are trending and try to implement those elements in your stall.

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The design should complement your brand image

One of the primary objectives of an exhibitor is to engage with the maximum number of visitors at the show, convey the brand message to them and convert them into customers. As simple as this may sound, accomplishing this is not easy. One of the best ways to increase the leads is to align every element of the stall design with your brand image.

Doing so will help you instill the brand values in a better way among the visitors; plus, it will also help in increasing the recall value. You can work closely with exhibition stall fabricators in Mumbai on how can make the design so that it perfectly aligns with the brand image. A creative usage of the brand logo and tag line in the merchandise can go a long way in converting the visitors into potential customers.


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