An exhibition is an event which is organized to allow businesses to display their products and services to the public, or to other businesses. Exhibitions provide the best sales and marketing opportunities and offer many benefits if executed properly. Exhibition stands are considered as an effective tool for marketing at any event and Pixelmate Designs Pvt Ltd has proven it to be true. Mentioned below are some of the most common types of exhibition stands that are likely to help you attract customers to your booth:

Modular Stands:

This is the most common type of exhibition stand present in the market. It is tremendously popular among exhibitors and offers great flexibility as it can be modified to include points of purchase and portable units for setting up displays and can include table-top display settings as well. They are also quite not costly which means one can save a lot of money.

Pop-up Stands:

Portable and extremely versatile, pop-up stands are extensively used at trade fairs and at exhibitions for enticing attention to a particular booth. They are very easy to carry and install as well, making them the ideal choice for most exhibitors.

Banner Stands:

These stands are the best options if you want portable displays. Banner stands are able to hold a banner in an erect position and secure it firmly to the ground so that it does not fall over with any slight push. You can install all types of banners, including motorized, rigid and roller banners.

These are some of the common types of exhibition stand designs that are available. Pixelmate Designs Pvt Ltd is the expert when it comes to exhibition stand design and offers all of these above mentioned types of exhibition stand designs. Whatever is the size of your event or budget; Pixelmate Designs Pvt Ltd can assist you in choosing the right kind of exhibition stand design which will certainly attract a number of customers.

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