Planning to participate in an exhibition?

Confused how to step up your stall?

Worried with failure of exhibition stall from looking at others or past experience?

Then look no more, at Pixelmate Designs Private Limited we provide a one stop solution to create the best exhibition stall as per your needs that would provide you and your audience with that gala experience that you have been looking for all along.

But simply don’t go by our words, look at the various catering we offer for your exhibition stall and then allow us to make your exhibition an experience of a life time. At Pixelmate Designs Private Limited we simply don’t say, but deliver our client what is promised for their exhibition stall.

The list below will provide you with an insight on why we are the best standing out from the rest; as designers of exhibition stall in India.

Buy a peace of mind

A contract with us will help you shed of all the responsibilities that comes with an exhibition stall, we provide a complete solution from installation, to transportation and from dismantling of stall to redeliver your products at your office as token of additional service when you get into a contract with us for your exhibition stall.

Define your identity with us

Most exhibition stall designer fails to create a stall that meets your brand identity, at Pixelmate Designs Private Limited we offer stall that not only adds a gala experience to your stall to make it standout, but also ensures that your stall defines your brand identity.

Exclusive design collection

We create designs that are exclusive and impervious and have been customised as per your specifications within a budget that you have in your mind. You can also share your exhibition goal with us and watch our expert designers customising your stall that meets your requirements and enthral you and your audience’s experience.

Virtue of kings

Well punctuality is always defined as the virtue of a king! At Pixelmate Designs Private Limited we provide you with assured timely delivery and installation of your stall to ensure that your exhibition experience rolls out smoothly. Also rest assure that dismantling and redelivery of your products at your office will be on time to ensure that your overhead cost stays low and no additional expenditure is borne on to you.

Through the timeline of you buying a peace of mind to the virtue of kings, at Pixelmate Designs Private Limited we provide you with all you need for an exhibition stall. So look no further and come join the Pixelmate Designs Private Limited clientele family and allow us to serve you with the best, that will make your exhibition experience stand out from the rest.

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