What is Gadget Expo International Mumbai?

Gadgets Expo International is a great platform to experience gadgets, gizmos and incredible consumer tech all under one roof! A show that attracts the attention of hundreds of trade visitors from across India and abroad. A wonderful opportunity and a perfect meeting place where potential buyers meet sellers and seekers get a chance to interact with experts. Experts from various technological fields gather to share their in-depth knowledge and insights of the industry. Before it gets late, it is time to register yourself in India’s grand Gadget expo to experience the mind-blowing technology and futuristic innovations.      

A place where you expect top honchos of the industry it is a must to make a mark for your brand. If your booth looks identical, it is uninspiring. This may result in low energy vibe and less than stellar media coverage. In a place where you can expect a vast audience of industry’s top dealers, distributors, manufacturers, bulk buyers, global investors, managing directors, CEOs, decision makers, bureaucrats, tech enthusiasts it is very important to put your time and effort into making your booths eye-catching, interactive and unique.

Our short step by step guide will help you on how to attract more visitors to your exhibition booths –

  1. Plan Prioritize Execute – Plan the design of your exhibition stand according to your brand. It must reflect your company’s values and your product and services capabilities in a clear and concise manner.
  2. Using the space – In most cases the booth size is restrictive and therefore the space allocated must be used wisely. Make sure to check the dimensions with organizers so that you exactly know which areas you have to work on. It is very important to work on the flow of your display area to ensure no physical barriers affect the entry area. Always position the meeting area at the back of the stand.
  3. Light up your booth – Lights play an important role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the booth. Lights have the power to create different moods depending on the desired theme that you wish to showcase. For different and out of box look don’t rely on the lights supplied by the venue. New products can be highlighted at the exhibition stand by up lights, spotlights and colored lights. Rope lights can be hidden behind the products effective lightning and down lighting which helps create a stunning backdrop. Using rope lights guarantees no fire hazards. You can entice your customers by using angled light boxes in the entrance.     
  4. Go the graphic way – Graphics can help to catch the attention of the visitors in a trade show more effectively. Giat and meaningful images/graphics disseminate a strong message. The positioning of the graphics is equally essential. Graphics placed at a higher level can catch the attention from a distance and gives you trade booth a better field of vision. Make sure that important elements like logo and product details are not placed at the lower level.   
  5. Tech Savy – If you are participating in the top gadget expo, why not use technology in your trade show stand as well? Product demos can be used as a part of the trade show. Grab the opportunity to showcase a live prototype. Eg – Using of giant smartphones and touch video walls are a sure fire way to draw more people to your booth.

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