A business exhibition is a great platform for all business owners to showcase the product or services they are offering directly to the audience. The event also gives the business owners the liberty to interact and connect with their target audience. Although, you may have the best support staff to help you create a unique and innovative stall design, you may commit a few mistakes that would affect the ultimate goal you wish to accomplish from the exhibition. Common Exhibition.

Mistake are a part and parcel of the business endeavours, and sometimes during an event even a single mistake can make or break the agenda of your participation at the exhibition. No matter if you have the best exhibition stall fabricators in Mumbai to set up your stall, here are a few common mistakes that you must avoid to get the best out of your stall.

Not letting the audience know about your presence

This is the most common mistakes that the exhibitors commit. Although it may sound a very obvious thing to do, not many businessowners inform their potential customers about their participation at a certain business exhibition. You can avoid this potentially disastrous mistake by informing all the potential clients of your participation through emailers or possibly putting up a post on the social media handles. For getting maximum coverage, you can start with pre-show advertising and win qualified leads even before the exhibition day.

Not choosing the right event

There are literally hundreds of business events that take place in a year. However, as a business owner, it would be a wise decision to review the exhibition calendar and pick the best events that you think would yield the best results in terms of reaching to the maximum number of targeted customers and/or showcasing your brand to a large number of audiences.

Make sure that you pick the events that are suited to the industry you are in and also have the right set of audience participation. The kind of event you are participating in will play a great role in the amount of leads you generate, which in turn would translate into actual business for you. So, in a nutshell be meticulous in choosing the right event.

Not following up with the visitors

This is another common mistake that most business owners commit. Even if you have connected with best target group during the course of the exhibition, not following up the people who showed interest in your offering will potentially ruin all your marketing efforts. No matter, if the customers show interest in the product or service you are offering during the course of the event, you need to make sure that they are fully convinced about doing business with you. This can be done through follow up calls.

Also, a few customers may have a few doubts or they would want to have more knowledge about your business, the follow up call gives you the opportunity to cater to the customer’s problems and win their confidence. However, make sure that you don’t pester the client with frequent call, make sure you seek an appointment to talk to them and if they are busy, you can send a follow up e-mail.

Not connecting with the competitors

Not many business owners realize the importance of establishing a good working relationship with the competitors. Yes, it is true that they are your direct competitors and are looking to outdo you at the event, however, it is no reason for you to not interact with them at all. Interacting with them can you a fresh perspective of the business, you can also get an idea about the latest trend in the business. Also, by getting an idea of competitor’s business stall design, you can work with the best exhibition stall fabricators in Mumbai to create a better design and get an edge over them.