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A Christmas decoration is any of various types of adornment used at Christmas season. The usual colors of Christmas are heart red, snow white, and pine green (evergreen). Blue and white are frequently used to symbolize winter, or occasionally Hanukkah, which take place around the same period. Silver and Gold are also very common, as are just about any other metallic colors. Typical descriptions on Christmas decorations include Father Christmas, Baby Jesus, the star of Bethlehem, and Santa Claus. Typical winter icons include icicles, snowflakes, snowmen, and even polar bears and penguins.

In many nations, such as Sweden, citizens begin to set up their Christmas decoration and Advent on the first day of Advent. Liturgically, this is practiced in some congregation through a Hanging of the Greens rite. In the Western Christian country the two traditional periods when Christmas decoration are ejected are Twelfth Night and if they are not brought down on that day, Candlemas, the former of which ends the Christmas-Epiphany festival in some denominations. Leaving the ornament up beyond Candlemas is in history regarded to be inauspicious. Wreaths are produce from artificial or real conifer branches, or sometimes other broadleaf pine green or holly.

The Christmas tree is occasionally described as a Christianization of ritual and pagan tradition and surrounding the winter solstice, which include the use of pine green boughs, and a modification of pagan tree worship. The phrase “Christmas tree” in English-language is first initiated in 1835 and appears to have been imported from the German language. The current Christmas tree custom, though, is alleged to have started in Germany in the 18th century, though several contend that Martin Luther started the custom in the 16th century. From Germany the tradition was introduced to England, first via Queen Charlotte, wife of George III, and then further fruitfully by Prince Albert at some stage in the early reign of Queen Victoria. The significant 1840s picture of the Queen’s decorated pine green was reintroduced in the United State, and as the first broadly disseminated image of an ornamented Christmas tree in United State, the tradition there spread. Christmas trees may be decorated with ornament and lights.

Common Christmas trees include ivy, holly, mistletoe, and Christmas plant. The interior of a house may be ornamented with these trees, along with evergreen and garlands foliage. These frequently come with small decoration joined to the fragile branches, and occasionally with a small light set.

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