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Conveyed concept indicates a notion as perceived or understood. If someone describes a thought or if a thought is conveyed by some forms of media then that concept or idea is a conveyed idea but in the mind of the people/person to whom it was conveyed, it is an idea processed within the structure of their understanding of that idea. That notion, being neither precisely nor poorly transmitted, can be referred to the idea as processed and comprehend by whomever it was conveyed to and can be described to as a conveyed concept.

In computer programming a transmitted idea refers to data sent from programmer to AI, programmer to programmer, human to computer, computer-to-computer, etc. In programming an AI program, the transmitted idea of the AI program are being utilized as building blocks to program new ideas, and it is imperative that the conveyed idea are fine tuned in order to facilitate the accurate feedback. In programming, programs are required to compare transmitted idea in order to communicate an accurate response or process. In this media the idea being compared are not the concept that was programmed (the code) but the feedback of the program so that the programmed can be changed to accomplish the accurate answer.

Due to the theoretical form of ideas when paired with the term “conveyed”, the term “conveyed” metamorphose to a slightly several meaning than its background Linguistic meaning in Linguistic semantics. “Conveyed” has experienced somewhat of a semantic transformation, in that it is used as an adjective to describe the meaning by someone of something that was transmitted to them. This is particularly right in the perspective of conveying meaning. In this circumstances the actual words or material used to transmit something to ‘Individual A’ is not the theme of the question – Instead, in this circumstance, convey means what is ‘Individual A’s’ understanding of what was conveyed.

The conveyed concept means that each individual will interpret their idea with the use their cognitive process, or interpret the concept in their own individual way. So a conveyed idea is more than just the communicating of an idea or an idea that is conveyed. Once an idea is conveyed it becomes a conveyed ideas and unique to each person. The term conveyed in the phrase conveyed idea is used as an adjective describing perception or individual meaning of a concept that has been expressed.

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