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Military technology is the application of technology used in the war. This includes the types of technologies that are clearly military in nature, not civilians in the application, most often due to a lackof relevant civil or legal requirement or dangerous to use without proper military training.

Military technology is usually develop and researched by engineers and scientists particularly for use in the war for the armed forces. Several new technologies have emerged as a result of military science funding. Engineering weapons design, testing, development, and managing the life cycle of weapons and military systems. It is based on the knowledge of several of the traditional engineering disciplines, including electro-optical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics, aerospace engineering, materials and chemical engineering.

The line is porous; military inventions were put into civilian use throughout history, with some minor changes, if any, and civil innovation are also used for military purposes.

Adequate research and development is being conducted in military innovation and technology than any industry or any other field. The evolution of battlefield happened immediately before us, however, many people do not know how advanced military weapons of the United States and its allies became. Battlefields in the fight against our soldiers took drones called predators and MQ-9 Reapers, and a variety of unmanned ground vehicles and swords weapons systems. We cannot forget the progress in the fighter technology with the F-22 Raptor to be at the forefront of innovation in aviation.

The evolution of military technology has allowed the US military to move to a large number of soldiers applying prejudice precision weapons unmanned technology. In the near future our battlefields may seem Terminator film to fight against each other and operate robots with artificial intelligence. Machines deployed in hostile territory will actually interconnected and communicate with soldiers and commanders to warn of enemy positions or suspicious activity. Furthermore airborne laser systems like yal-1A US Air Force developed to make our skies without ballistic missile threats.  Technology rifle and pistol developed at an incredible pace with applications such as the British sniper  individual goal on weapons, war technology that soldiers will be  working with in the future includes improving rifles and ammunition, and assault as well as better and lighter armor, such as system dragon skin. There are many new applications weapons systems that appear to be further away from life, but are being developed as we speak.

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