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Construction machinery refers to equipment that is particularly designed for executing construction work, most often ones relating to earthwork operations. They are also refers to as heavy machines, construction equipment, heavy trucks, heavy vehicles, or heavy hydraulics, engineering equipment. They typically consist of five equipment systems: traction, implement, power train, structure, control and information. Construction equipment operates through the mechanical advantage of a unique machine, the ratio between input force applied and force exerted is multiplied. Some equipment uses hydraulic drives as a main source of motion. Construction machinery usually involved huge investment outlay in their procurement.

Construction machinery carries out multi various function frequently using hydraulic power. Some of the recent discoveries in the construction machinery industry perform fully computerized hydraulic control systems, energy-saving measures and qualities required for efficient and comfortable and operation. With the latest concentration on environment, the majority of the construction equipment is geared to execute their task with less noise, low emission and less vibration.

Mini excavators are required for use in urban places with a crowded population. They are produced for proficient implementation in narrow jobsites with protection qualities such as tip-over security, falling object security to avoid the hazard involved in urban construction.

Large Excavators are generally used in mining. Heavy load are carried continuously in the mining industry, the large excavators are built for non-stop performance with stability. Cost-efficiency is one significant feature in the mining industry, therefore only an excavator that gives lowest cost per ton for material movement is perfect. To get noteworthy savings, these large excavators features include longer life and very low maintenance cost.

Where movement of operation is the significant factor, wheeled excavators are the perfect construction equipment for the task. They can perform their task on any land and can be simply controlled in various lands.

Wheel loaders come with a variety of choices which are meant for operational ease. The levers and pedals can be used with minimum force to attain enhanced control. Visibility is the significant feature for wheel loaders for easy operations. In construction location, the hydraulic pump motor in the wheel loaders rendered comfortable mobility.

Articulated dump trucks are frequently used in construction areas situated in hilly territory. Due to the sloping land, the operator in the cabin is provided with more visibility of the surrounding area. The truck is produces with diagnostic display function and warnings for malfunctions to provide protection.

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