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Civil protection or civil defense is an attempt to safeguard the populace of a country generally non-military from natural disasters and military strike. It employs the concept of emergency operations: prevention, preparation, mitigation, response, and recovery and emergency evacuation. The agenda of this type was originally examined at least as early as the 1920s and were execute in some nation in the 1930s as the danger of aerial bombardment and war grew. It became prevalent after the danger of nuclear weapons was perceived.

After the Cold War, the center of civil protection has greatly moved from armed attack to disasters and emergencies. The latest notion is represented by a number of terms; every of them has their own precise shade of sense, such as emergency management, crisis management, emergency preparedness, emergency services contingency planning, and civil protection.

In some nation, civil protection is recognized as important part of “total protection”. For instance, in Sweden, the Swedish term totalförsvar means the dedication of a broad variety of resources of the country to its protection – including to civil defense. Correspondingly, some nations (notably the Soviet Union) can have or have had armed-efficient civil protection units (Civil protection Troops) as element of their paramilitary or as a armed forces service.

Man-made and Natural disasters may happen at any period in time. They can necessitate not only environmental and economic disaster, but more significantly loss of lives.

Civil defense supports include public assistance rendered in the instant aftermath of a danger. This tragedy aid can take the method of deployment of specially-equipped team, coordination and assessment by professional sent to the field and kind assistance.

Danger know no boundary and a well-organized feedback at European stage is essential to circumvent repetition of alleviate achievement and make sure that support meets the major requirement of the affected region.

The strength of the Civil defense is based among other stuff in the substantial, typical tools that can be used for their own interference, as well as for the augmentation of the interference of other emergency services. A few examples of these tools are:

  • Super cannon: to extinguish heavy fires in chemical companies.
  • Goliath pump: can dry away an enormous amount of water at a very fast speed of 66000 liters per minute, for example in case of floods.
  • Decontamination units: to decontaminate individual that became contaminated through a chemical or nuclear accident.

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