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Cattle—cow are the most widespread types of large domestic animals. They are a well-known member of the subfamily Bovinae are the most common class of the genus Bos, and are most generally group together as Bos taurus. Cattle are raised as livestock for meat (veal and beef), as draft animals (bullocks or oxen that pull plows, carts and other implements) and as dairy animals for milk and other dairy products. Other products include dung and leather for fuel or manure. In some countries, such as parts of India, cattle have important religious significance. Cattle became one of the first domestic animals to have a fully mapped genome. Cattle has been considered by many individual as the oldest form of wealth

Sexual reproduction that produces offspring usually by plant or animal is what is referred to as breeding.

Cattle breeding usually focus on three major mode of selection of animal. These are by family, pedigree and progeny:

Progeny selection focuses on the actual descendent or progeny of precise animals with known features. It can be significant when selecting traits such as robustness and milk yield to specific disease. Its major disadvantage is that it may be a slow process that requires cautious breeding to decide the actual quality of particular offspring.

Family selection emphasizes on investigating the respective features of relatives rather than progeny and because of this factor it can be a faster method of selection than progeny. It’s worth lies in being able to specifically estimate sex restricted traits such as picking out the best males from which to breed.

Pedigree selection aims to concentrate on the specific quality of livestock ancestors rather than of the precise livestock’s. It may be a helpful technique when wanting to choose those traits which are believed to have high heritability.

There is also a selection to be done between outbreeding and inbreeding. Outbreeding tends to increase the variability within a herd and can lead to new traits or combinations of traits Inbreeding means crossing closely related animals which will enable a specific trait to be fixed or intensified. Both of these process can be done artificial or naturally insemination. Embryo selection through artificial insemination assists to increase the required traits in a herd.

An important number of researches have been provided in this area and the established rule is to place the same number of cows with a bull as the age of the bull in months. It is important to consider the bull to cow ratio when using natural methods.

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