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Building services engineering, architectural engineering, technical building services, facility and services planning engineering or building engineering refers to the execution of the engineering for the internal environment and impact of the environment on a building.

Building services engineers are in charge of the design, installation, operation and monitoring of the electrical, mechanical, and public health systems needed for the comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly operation of contemporary buildings. The term building services engineering is commonly used in the Ireland, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom, but in the United States of America, the field is also known as building engineering or architectural engineering, though these words can also have other meanings, even in the United States. the engineers are known as facilities planners in India.

Building services engineer work directly with other construction expert such as architects, quantity surveyors and structural engineers. They influence the architecture of a building play is a significant role on the energy demand and sustainability of a building. Within building services engineering, new task are emerging, for example in the areas of renewable energy, energy management, and low carbon technologies. With buildings accounting for around 50% of all carbon emissions, building services engineers play an important role in combating climate change. As such, a typical building services engineer has a wide-ranging career path:

Design Management -Design management refer to business side of design, which objective is to create the appropriate environment to support and control a culture of innovation and creativity, and to encourage the creative nature of design involving the many areas that, collectively, will bring design solutions – and all at the same time making sure that an organization’s commercial aims and objectives are achieved and that all the task is done in an ethically sound way.

Naturally the building service engineering installation is value 30–60% of the total worth of a contract; Design management is not related to project management. Project management concentrate on a broad range of administrative skills but is not usually sympathetic to the peculiarities of delivering a completely coordinated functioning design, taking into consideration its sole nature and dealing with the dynamic requirements of clients and the external factors over which there is little control.

Many building services organization use computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering software programs developed either in-house or by external parties, to help in their system analysis and design. This method has many advantages, including convenient and more exhaustive visualization of proposed solutions, the ability to create virtual models for calculation and analysis, and the ease of use in spatial planning.

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