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Bioenergy is modern energy can be from materials derived from biological sources. Biomass can be described as organic material which store sunlight as chemical energy. Being a fuel may include wood, wood waste, manure, sugarcane, straw, and many other products from variety different agricultural processes.


In the narrowest intelligence is another meaning to biofuels, which is a fuel obtained from biological sources. In the wider sense includes biomass, biological material used as biofuel, as well as economic scientific, social, economic partners, the scientific and technical use of organic sources of energy. It is a misconception that bioenergy extracts energy from biomass is a biomass fuel from the biomass, and the energy contained in the fuel.

There is a slight tendency word bioenergy is favored in Europe with respect to biofuels in America

One advantage of biomass fuels is often a by-product waste or residue from other processes, such as agriculture, livestock and forestry. In theory, this means that there is no competition between food and fuel manufacturing, although it is not usually the case. The use of land, existing industries and appropriate conversion technologies should be considered relevant for the assessment of the relevance of biomass as raw material for energy.

Biomass is item acquired from newly living organisms, including plants, animals and animal products. Manure, crop residue and garden waste are all sources of biomass. It is a renewable energy origin based on the carbon cycle, unlike other natural resources such as coal, nuclear fuels and petroleum. Other sources include animal manure, which are stable and substantially unavoidable impurities manufactured majorly by the animal products in industrial-sized farms. Bio energy is the answer, whether we like it or not, our planet suffers from our greed and intensive use fossil fuels such as oil, gas, electricity consumption, and coal and we have to find another source of renewable energy to supply our energy now and in the future. Our present conventional resources of fuel are running out and causing harm to the environment, and that is why there is so much investment in exploring new ways to provide energy for our daily lives, such as lighting and heating and operation of our vehicles. There has been investment and endless research in the development of alternative fuels for daily transportation of our cars in cargo and in recent years, the race was among the major car manufacturers to look for ultimate moderate cost with high efficiency motor that each individual could afford.

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