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Animal feed is food that is given to domestic anima. There are two basic types of feed in the course of animal husbandry that is, forage and fodder.

The history of industrial-scale production of animal feed can be traced to nineteenth century, at a time when advances in human and animals nourishment were able to recognize the benefits of a balanced diet and the significant of role in the treatment of certain raw materials. Corn gluten feed was produced for the first time in 1882 while the world’s largest producer of Purina feeds was inaugurate in 1894 by William Danforth Hollington. Cargill, which is majorly dealing in grains since its creation in 1865, has commenced to deal with about 1,884 animal feed.

The animal feed industry has developed hurriedly in the first quarter of the twentieth century, with Purina to expand its business into Canada, and opened its first feed mill factory in 1927 (which is still in progress). In 1928, the feed mill industry was revolutionized by introducing the first pellet feed – Purina checkers.

Conventional sources of pet food are household food waste and by-products of food from the food industry, such as grinding and processing of crops rest milling oils crop, such as peanut, soybean and corn they are important sources of animal.

Scrap feed to Pigs is called slop and those used to feed fowl or chicken are called chicken scratch. Brewer’s spen grain is a byproduct of brewing beer and is widely used as animal feed.

Fodder is a compound feed with a mixture of different type of raw materials and additives. These compositions are produce according to the specific needs of the target animal. They produce feed mill compounder as pellets, meal type or crumbles. The main material used in commercially prepared animal food is feed grains, including soybean, corn, oat, sorghum, oats and barley.

The compound feed might also comprise a premix which can also be sold independently. Premix consisting of micro-substances, such as minerals, vitamin, fermentation products, antibiotics, chemical preservatives, and other necessary materials which are purchased from the pre-mix, typically in the form of waste, to be mixed with commercial meal. Because of the availability of these products, the farmer uses it own grain may formulate their own meals and make sure their animals get the recommended vitamins and minerals.

The event will showcase the value chain of the animal feed industry starting from raw materials, veterinary products, and supplements, hydroponics, additives, silage and hay storage technology feed end cap silos.

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