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The technology industry is the kind of inventory involving development, distribution and/ or research of technically based goods and/ or services. This industry includes organization revolving in the region of the manufacturing of computer, electronics, creation of software, or products and services concerning information technology.
The technology industry provides a broad range of products and services for both consumer and other organization. Consumer goods like stereo, television, and personal computers are persistently enhanced and upgraded, providing the modern technology to all consumers. Organization garner information and services from database and software systems, which make the organization to make planned business decisions.
Information management technology is the organization, control and distribution of technology in an organization. The technology controlled can include computer, program, system, budget and staff. One advantage for an organization to employ information management techniques is that they can arrange their data and resources more proficiently.
Technology is from Greek “techne, “is the gathering of skills, methods, techniques and processes used in the manufacturing of goods or services in the achievement of aims and objectives, that is, scientific investigation. Technology can be the knowledge of processes or techniques, and the like, or it can be entrenched in machine which can be controlled without adequate experience of their workings.
The human being use of technology started with the translation of ordinary resources into simple tools. The prehistory development of how to handle fire and the afterward Neolithic Revolution improved the existing sources of food and the innovation of the wheel enhanced humans to journey in and handled their environment. Expansion in historic period, together with the telephone and printing press, and the internet have narrowed physical barriers to communication and permitted humans to relate freely on an international scale. The stable development of military technology has produce weapon of rising destructive authority that is from club to nuclear weapon.
Technology has several implications. It has helped produce more and highly developed economies which including current global economy and has permitted the increase of a leisure class. Many technological methods create unnecessary by-products known as pollution and diminish natural possessions to the disadvantage of Earth’s environment. Different implementations of technology enhance the worth of a people and new technology often raises fresh ethical questions.
Recently, it was understood that the improvement of technology was limited only to human beings, but twenty-first century scientific studies show that other dolphin and certain primate society have built simple tools and passed their experience to other generations.

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