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Biogas generated if left decomposition of organic matter in closed tanks of air at a suitable temperature (20-40 degrees C). The process which is a product called “anaerobic digestion”. Biogas is a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide (CO2), and is made generally contaminated with quantities of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) when they were first produced.

The main sources of biogas are many: for disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) that produce landfill gas (LFG), for treatment of waste water (sewage), large industrial facilities and farm livestock. It can also be manufactured from manure and waste community or even household toilet waste. In this case, each household produces its own biogas by building a small toilet-attached AD factory, which is very common in India, china and many other developing countries.

Anaerobic digestion may be used for treating the separated fraction of municipal waste or combined with the mechanical systems of classification, in the treatment of municipal waste mixed waste. These facilities are referred to as mechanical biological treatment (MBT).

Biogas, which is also referred to biomethane, is about twenty percent lighter than air. It is a colorless and odorless gas that burns with clear blue flame which is the same thing as that of LPG. Biogas is a quality fuel.

It can be used to power the motor with electricity; waste heat can be used at the plant, while producing both heat and power. The emitted heat can also be used for drying and heating process.

Biomethane is a great opportunity because it is being seen worldwide as an untapped source of energy that, after pretreatment and recovery, can be used to provide part of the natural gas needs of the nation. A number of new projects by the US government under the auspices of this reason are being sponsored. It is a regenerative fuel (renewable) with better efficiency of production of biogenic fuels. Likewise, we should not compete with the production of human food, if basic materials are all waste. Biogas consists mainly of methane (CH 4), a gas that may be burned to manufacture electricity and heat. Treated manure can become a high agronomic value of organic fertilizers. It is most commonly collected and channeled to an engine-generator where it pass through combustion to electricity. Meanwhile, when the power generation is a loss of efficiency during transfer which would not occur if the fuel is used directly where energy is consumed. It would be more efficient to use the word in the vehicle in a place where it is consumed energy. It can be compressed, such as natural gas, and is used to power motor vehicles. Natural gas and biogas can be used in petrol vehicles relatively easily, but some adjustments are necessary for the engine.

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