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Disability is a words often used for social status recognized as a result of physical or mental impairment identified primarily through medical procedures. Several are present at birth, while other defects occur in different stages of life of an individual or a manifestation of genetic or as a result of the dispute such as accidents or war, examples are varying degrees of blindness variables, deafness, speech disorder (from aphasia) and loss of limbs. Chronic diseases also should be added to this group. Typically, prosthetic devices such as sign language, magnifiers, Braille, crutches, hearing aids, wheelchairs and other similar devices are designed to improve the shortcomings of life experienced by people with disabilities.

The Constitution of the International Disability (1981) describes disability as “the limitation or loss or of physical function, mental or sensory long-term or permanent” disability is defined as “limitation or loss or of opportunities to participate in the normal life of the community on an equal basis with others due to social and physical barriers.

Since all serious obstacles that lead to disabilities appears to be from a medical condition historically recognized disability studies are based on the medical model focuses almost exclusively on the individual. After the medical model, people with disabilities are separate from “normal” people and considered flawed, not self-efficacy, which needs attention.

Persons with disabilities are defined by their weaknesses, in what they cannot do, rather than what they could do. Society as a whole has not attempted to blend to theNeeds of people with disabilities, to integrate rather than isolate them at home or in institutions. The decline was discovered as a problem, and people with disabilities are simply restricted to being passive recipients of drugs, medication, attention and targeted specific assistance through government intervention or charity. Today, as befits a medical model, it is believed that people with disabilities need rehabilitation. They are subject to stereotypes and negative prejudices by the rest of society. In addition, the ubiquitous built environment limits their mobility, access to recreation and employment.

The individual speech on disability associated with the attitudes of the World Health Organization, such as the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health. It owes its existence to the advancement of science and medicine to people with disabilities in the medical category for the convenience of doctors and other health expert. This, though extremely appropriate and practical at the time, and was later known by people with disabilities as a situation of oppression. They are felt themselves labeled powerless and manipulated against their own body and personality.

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