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A handicraft occasionally refers to as handmade or artisanal handicraft is any of a broad range of form of work where decorative and useful objects are produced entirely by using simple tools or only by hand. It is a traditional major division of crafts, and applies to a broad variety of design and creative activities that are associated with producing things with one’s skill and hands, including work with moldable and rigid materials, textiles, plant fibers, paper, etc. One of the world’s aged handicraft is Dhokra; this is a kind of metal casting has been employed in India for over 4,000 years and is still existing. Frequently the words is related to traditional techniques of producing things (whether as a product or for personal use) that are both aesthetic and practical. Handicraft industries are those that creating items with hands to meet the demand of the people in their locality. Machines are not used.

Handicraft Gift Items may be the most excellent gift for occasions and can best define a sense of feeling, feelings and can make lifetime memories. Indian Handicrafts collection support by a crafts information write ups on its technique, art, tradition along with a motive for its utility and attractiveness. Information on a wide variety starting from Indian painting, Bed Spreads, wall Hangings, Photo Frames, Indian Jewelry, handcrafted furniture, Sculptures, Pottery, Home Decoration etc can be found here at ease.

Collective words for handicrafts include handcrafting, artisanry, handcraftsmanship, and crafting. The word craft and arts are also applied. Handcrafting has its basis in the rural crafts—goods necessities—the material—of ancient civilizations, and several precise crafts have been experienced for centuries, while others are modern popularization or inventions of crafts which were initially practiced in a limited geographic area.

Many handcrafters use ordinary, even completely local, materials while others can prefer contemporary, non-local materials, and even up cycle industrial resources. The individual artisanship of a handcrafted product is the principal criterion; those produced by machine or mass production are not handicraft goods.

Observed as developing the skills and artistic interests of students, sometimes and generally and towards a specific trade or craft, handicrafts are usually incorporated into educational systems, both formally and informally. Most crafts necessitate the advancement of skill and the request of patience, but can be learned by generally anyone.

Like folk art, handicraft production often has religious and/or cultural significance, and increasingly can have a political message as well, as in craftivism.

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