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A craft is a profession or a pastime that needs a particular knowledge or skills of skilled work. In a historical sense, especially as relevant to the middle ages and earlier, the word is typically relevant to individual engaged in small-scale manufacturing of goods, or their maintenance, The word crafts is usually used to examine the field of artistic practices within the family ornamental arts that is traditionally describes by their association to utilitarian or functional products (such as sculptural types in the vessel tradition) or by their use of such usual media as clay, glass, metal, ceramics, and textiles.

The commencement of crafts in the region like the Ottoman Empire demand the governing bodies and requiring people of the town who were expert at producing goods to open stores in the center of city. This member slowly quit acting as subsistence farmers (who produced goods in their own house to sell to their neighbors) and started to portray what we think of a “craftsman” today.

In the past, craftsmen inclined to focus on city and formed guilds. The talent necessary by their professions and the requirement to be permanently engaged in the exchange of goods also required a generally higher level of education, and craftsmen were frequently in a more advantaged position than the peasantry in societal hierarchy.

Once a learner of a craft had completed his learning process, he would become a journeyman looking for a location to organize his own shop and make a living. after he organizes his own shop, he could then regard himself a boss of his craft.

This structure of a stepwise undertakes to proficiency of a craft, which involves the acquiring of a specific amount of learning and educational skills, has continued in some nations of the world until present. But crafts have experienced deep structural changes during and since the period of the industrial revolution. The mass manufacturing of product by large-scale industry has restricted crafts to market sections in which industry’s way of operating or its mass-manufactured product cannot or would not suit the liking of potential customers. Furthermore, the result of these changes, craftsman today increasingly make use of semi-finished material or components and adapt these to their buyer demands or requirements, if essential, to the surroundings of their buyers. Therefore, they partake in a certain division of labor between craft and industry.

There are three areas to human creativity – Craft, Art, and Science. Approximately ascertained, art depends upon vision, expression and intuitive, crafts upon sophisticated technique and science upon knowledge.

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