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Any product which is manufactured and consequently utilized by the consumer, to satisfy its present needs or wants, is a consumer final goods or goods. Consumer goods are products that are eventually used rather than consumed in the manufacturing of other goods. For instance, a bicycle or microwave oven which is sold to a consumer is a consumer or final good, whereas the mechanism which are sold to be consumed in those goods are refers to intermediate goods. For example, transistor or textiles which may be used to make some further goods.

Consumer product: The word ‘‘consumer product’’ means any component part or article thereof, manufactured or distributed for sell to a consumer for consumption in or around a temporary or permanent residence or household, in recreation, a school, or otherwise, so also for the personal consumption, enjoyment, or use of a consumer in or around a temporary or permanent residence or household, in recreation, a school or otherwise; but such words does not include any component part which is not usually manufactured or distributed for use or consumption by, sale or enjoyment of, a consumer.

Final goods can be classified into the following categories:

  • Durable goods
  • Nondurable goods
  • Services

Consumer durable goods often have a considerable life span which has a tendency to be a minimum of one or two years upon the warranty or guarantee period and maximum life depend on the durability of the goods or product. Whereas for capital product which are tangible in nature, such as building or machinery or any other equipment which can be used in producing of consumer goods, these are capital goods with limited life span determined by it producers before selling. The durability and the higher cost of capital product normally allow consumer to postpone expenditures on them, which makes capital goods the most volatile (or cost-dependent) component of consumption.

Consumer nondurable goods are bought either to keep for very short time or for the immediate use. Generally, the time span of non-durable goods can vary from up to three years. Few examples of such goods are clothing, gasoline, food, beverages and shoes.

Consumer services cannot be seen or tasted by the consumer but still give pleasure to the consumer. They are intangible in nature. They are also variable in nature and inseparable which means they are manufactured and consumed concurrently. Examples of consumer services include landscaping, auto repair, haircuts etc.

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