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Consumer electronics are products used in a personal or domestic context, in compare to products used for industrial, business, or professional recording purposes. These may include videocams, audio equipment, television sets, portable devices, video players and recorders (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray), mobile telephones and pagers, and computers and related devices.

Consumer electronics (CE) is describe as any electronic machine produced to be bought and used by end users or  final consumers for daily routine and non-professional/commercial/purposes.

Consumer electronics may include a wide range of electronic machine that render one or more purposes for a particular individual or in a home. The word originally referred to electronic machines that were installed or used particularly inside a house/home. Though, they also now include computing and mobile devices, which can simply be carried by an individual outside the house, such as a tablet PC or cell phone.

Consumer electronics include items, such as:

  • Televisions
  • DVD players
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets

The consumer electronics industry is a worldwide trade. In recent years, the consumer electronics industry is in the center of a latest gesture of change, experiencing a exceptional growth. It accompany in a beginning of convergence of technologies, markets and products. Consumer electronics devices such as portable media players, digital televisions, and educational toys are in a status of steady flux. The convergence of digital-based video, audio, and information technology is a most important reason. These changes started nearly twenty years ago and have resulted in an avalanche state of the electronic appliance in the market. The ordering for a large amount of moveable, in-car or in-home consumer electronic product with different purposes has increased tremendously.

Miniaturization, mobility, and Digitalization, are the major features for present consumer electronic items. Digitalization transformed the consumer electronics sector, delivering new and existing entertainment products that have changed the method we live. It allows way for digital appliances such as still camera, camcorders, DVD player/recorder, LCD TV and computer. The computer industry has also gained, making its way into the family living room. Digitalization also speeds the development of the consumer electronics industry.

Consumer electronics organization manufacturing computers, DVD players, televisions, DVD and other domestic electronics face the similar challenges as other consumer goods organization. The lifecycle of consumer electronics items decrease along with stern price deflation, a factor that makes pricing, demand, and promotions management even more innovative, challenging, and flexibility are significant to an organizations survival in the consumer electronics market.

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