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A computer is a machine that may be command to perform an arbitrary set of logical or arithmetic operations automatically. The capability of computers to adhere to a series of operations, called a program, allow computers to be applicable to a broad range of job. Such computers may be used as control systems for a very broad diversity of consumer and industrial devices. This may includes simple particular purpose devices like remote control and microwave ovens, industrial machine such as computer assisted design and industrial robots, but also in universal purpose machine such as mobile devices such as Smartphone and personal computers. The Internet is run on computers and it connects millions of other computers.

Since prehistoric period, simple manual machine such as abacus assist people in doing calculations. Early in the organizational revolution, to automate long tedious jobs some mechanical machines were constructed, like guiding patterns for looms. More advance electrical device did specialized analog computation in the early 20th century. The initial digital electronic calculating devices were developed during World War II. The power, versatility and speed of computers has improved dramatically and continuously since then.

A modern computer comprises of at least one processing component, usually a central processing unit (CPU), and some type of memory. The processing component perform logical and arithmetic operations, and a control unit and sequencing can change the term of operations to reply to saved information. Peripheral devices include input devices (mouse, joystick, keyboards, etc.), output devices (printers, screen, monitor, etc.), and input/output machine that carry out both duty (e.g., the 2000s-era touch screen). Peripheral machine enable information to be recovered from an external source and they allow the outcome of operations to be stored and recovered. Computers that are moveable are the rising form of computers. People watching the sales pitches on television are interested by the whistle and bells offered. They pay more for these qualities, as people do when buying vehicle. A good computer, neither desktop nor laptop, may be bought fairly cheaply, unless you are a Mac fanatic. Macs will cost more.

Charles Babbage after the mathematical thought of George Boole, the mathematician who initially several background of the modern computer start with the Analytical Engine envisage by  affirmed the principles of logic innate in the modern digital computer. Babbage’s collaborator and assistant, Ada Lovelace, is said to have launched the ideas of subroutines and program loops and is usually regarded as the first programmer.

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