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A coin is a round piece, flat, small, of plastic or metal used principally as a legal tender or means of exchange. They are consistent in weight, and manufactured in large quantities at a mint in order to encourage trade. They are most frequently produce by a government.

Coins are generally alloy or metal, or occasionally produced of artificial materials. They are typically disc form. Coins produced of precious metal are kept in big quantities as bullion coins. Several other coins are being used as legal tender in daily dealings, spreading alongside banknotes. Generally the utmost value coin in circulation (i.e. not including bullion coins) is value less than the minimum-value note. In the recent years, the value of coin in circulation has irregularly been decreased than the worth of the metal they hold, for instance because of inflation. If the disparity becomes important, the authority in charge of issuing the coin can choose to remove these coins from circulation, probably issuing new identical with a diverse composition or the public may decide to hold them or melt the coins down.

anomaly to the law of face value being greater than substance value also appear for some bullion coins made of gold, copper, or silver, (and, not often, other metals, such as palladium or platinum  intended for investors or collectors in valuable metals. Examples of contemporary gold investors/collector/ coins include the British sovereign coined by the U K, the American Gold Eagle coined by the U S, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coined by Canada, and the Krugerrand coined by South Africa. While the Maple Leaf, the Eagle, and Sovereign coins have insignificant (simply symbolic) face values; the Krugerrand does not have face value.

In the past, a large number of coinage alloys (including metals) and other things (e.g. porcelain) have been employ to manufacture coins for metal investment, collection and circulation: bullion coins usually serve as more suitable stores of guaranteed metal purity and quantity than other bullion. Coin being a legal tender in the ancient period, Consistent Roman legal tender was employ throughout the Roman Empire. Significant Roman silver and gold coins were sustained into the middle ages.

The initial coins were grown separately in Archaic Greece and Iron Age Anatolia, china and India around the 6th and 7th centuries BCE. Coins extend quickly in the 5th and 6th centuries BCE, throughout Persia and Greece and further to the Balkans.

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