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Clothing is textile and fiber material worn on the body. The wearing of clothing is generally limited to human beings and is a characteristic of all most all individual societies. The type and design of clothing worn is contingents on body social, type, and geographic factors. Some clothing types can be gender-related.

Virtually, clothing perform several motives: it may serve as safety from the elements, and can enhance protection during dangerous tasks such as cooking and hiking. It guards the wearer from uneven surfaces, insect bites, rash-causing plants, thorns and prickles, splinters, by providing a obstruction between the environment and the. Clothes can cover against hot or cold situations. Further, they can render a hygienic obstruction, keeping toxic material and infectious material away from the body. Clothing also gives safety from ultraviolet.

Clothing for several events is also different. People might wear official cloth to a wedding but when at a beach party, unofficial cloth would be more at ease. Dressing codes used by some business enterprise try to remove any disparity that might happen among the employee there. For instance, schools have procedure for students to put on the same uniform. This is an effort by the school to produce a unique individuality for the students as well as removing disparity. Clothing nowadays has come a long way from the time it was observed. It is an important part to being as we would not feel comfortable if we were exposed in an indecent way.

Clothing is supposed to have started from our ancestors in the past using leather, leaves, fur, to protect them up. These materials were wrapped and tied around their body parts they intend to cover. This marked the commencement of clothing as we seen it now. Over the years, clothing has undergone various changes and the concluding product is what we are seen now. The precise period as to when our ancestors commenced dressing themselves up is being argued until present as clothing produced of leather and fur  are normally depreciated very fast. Assuming if clothing had not been revealed and we had to be bare body in the hot or cold winter, totally impossible right?!

Various social categories of people, an office employee would dress in a unique way compare to a waiter. The trendy and rich would not wear similar clothes to a beggar. Although clothes tend to separate individual into various classes, there is nothing one can do about it, as the rich would be willing to spend more on what they wear unlike the beggar.

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