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A classic car is an aged vehicle; the precise meaning differs throughout the world. The usual subject is of an aged vehicle with adequate historical interest to be acquired and merit restoring or preserving rather than abandoning it.

Motor vehicle of 100 years and older significantly descend into the antique class.

Institution such as the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) and the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) preserve a register of qualified basic cars that are referred to as “classic”. These are refers to as “distinctive” or “fine” vehicles, either foreign or American produced, built, between 1915–1925 or 1942–1948.

In the United Kingdom, ‘classic cars’ span from veteran or old (pre–First World War), to vintage (1919–1930), to post-vintage (1930s).

Officially, nearly all countries have time-based policy for the meaning of “classic” or “historic” for motive such as antique car registration. For instance, Maryland refers to classic vehicles as 20 calendar years older or old and they “should not have been significantly remodeled, remanufactured or altered from the producer original pattern whereas West Virginia describe motor car produced at least 25 years before the present year as qualified for “classic” car license plates.

In spite of this, at several American classic auto shows, motor car typically span from the 1920s to the 1970s. Lately, several 1980s and even early 1990s motor car are regarded as being “classic automobiles”. For instance cars at such shows include the Ford Model T, Chevrolet Bel-Air, Ford Deuce Coupe, 1949 Ford, and Dodge. Meanwhile, the Concours d’Elegance car shows feature important auto car such as the pre-1940 Roll-Royce model, or Cadillac V16. There are also words as “exotics”, “collectibles”, or “modern custom” that include cars such as the Ford Pinto or AMC Gremlin.

Models that are out of production cycle, that possess of a well preserve body, a level running engine and all the car surrounding are in ideal form are far and few between. Classic car portals both  in print and online are one method to locate which aged cars are existing in the marketplace and for how much is the value. It is complex fixing a value for the automobile. Market condition and availability are primary indicators of the value.

There are divergent in the precise classification of a “classic car”. Classification by separates period consist of: horseless carriages (19th-century experimental cars such as the Daimler Motor Carriage), antique cars (brass era motors such as the Ford Model T), and classic cars (specifically 1930s cars such as the Cord 812). Some also comprise muscle cars, with the 1974 model year as the cutoff.

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