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Hospitality industry includes an organization such as cruise line, lodging, event planning, transportation, theme parks, and additional sector within the tourism industry. The hospitality industry is a broad category of field within the service sector. The hospitality industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that relies on the availability of disposable income and leisure time. A hospitality unit such as an hotel, amusement park or a restaurant involving of several groups such as direct operations (housekeepers , servers, porters, bartenders, kitchen workers, marketing, management, and human resources etc.) and facility maintenance.

Utilization rate, or its inverse “vacancy rate”, is an important tools or variable for the hospitality industry. Just as the owner of a factory would wish an industrious asset to be in use as much as possible (as against incurring  fixed costs while the factory is not operating), so do hotels, restaurants, and theme parks seek to capitalize on the number of consumers they “process” in all divisions. This led to the creation of services with the aim to improve the utilization rate provided by hotel consolidators.

When we are talking about “barriers to entry” by newcomer into hospitality industry and competitive advantage among existing players is very significant. Among the other things, the players in the hospitality industry find to be of advantage in their previous location ongoing and initial investment support reflected in their luxuries location and in the material upkeep of facilities and certain themes adopted the marketing arm of the organization. For example, at themed restaurants). In addition very vital are the qualities of the employees working in direct contact with the customers. The professionalism, authenticity, and genuine concern for the well being and happiness of customers that is showcase by successful organizations are a clear competitive advantage.

Catering has developed to become an artisan affair. Caterers now create an experience that involves the senses. Catering is the task of providing food service at site or a remote area or such as public houses, hotel, or other location.

Food and beverage reigns supreme in hospitality industry. It is the biggest component of the hospitality industry it can be regarded as high-end restaurants, catering establishment, fast-food eateries, and numerous other manifestations. The food and beverage can be simultaneously run as part of other businesses, such as in movie theaters and bowling alleys. Other segment in catering and hospitality business also includes hotel, travel and tourism.

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