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Carnival is referring to the Western Christian feast which is always celebrated before the liturgical period of Lent. The main events tend to occur in February or early March, during a period known historically as the shrovetide (or pre-Lent). Carnival typically involves a celebration and / or public parade combining some elements of a mask, circus, and of the public road party. People wear masks and costumes for many of these celebrations, which allow them to lose their individuality and daily experience a greater sense of social unity. Excessive alcohol consumption, meat and other foods prohibited during Lent is very common. Other common features include simulated battles Carnival such as social satire, food fights; social and mockery of government; Grotesque body with exaggerated features, especially large mouth, bellies, nose and phallus or elements of animal bodies; Humiliating act and offensive language; depictions of joyful death and disease.

The term carnival originates from the Latin “carne vale”, which means “farewell to meat” or “farewell to flesh” and often relate with the pre-Lent Catholic festival period when the delight of the world indulged before women, wine, meat, and song were canceled for 40 days Christian Lent period. Several people believe that carnival celebrations spread throughout the Europe with the Roman festival of bacchanalia and Saturnalia, from which the term bacchanal emanated. Others think that the Catholic Church has used ancient pagan fertility rights which date back from earlier period, perhaps our passage through the Fertile Crescent in the Middle East, or the human journey from Africa. In 1723, settlers from the Portuguese island began Entrudo. The term Entrudo could be described as an “entrance” during Lent or “decline”. The idea was to go out on the road with buckets of water and orange or lime and soak everyone, no one was safe. Even emperors took part in the celebration. He eventually became a nuisance, and the practice was banned by the authorities.

Whatever it is precise origin, the term “carnival” today describes many different things, and is celebrated in numerous styles. In the United Kingdom, and a few parts of Europe and North America, a carnival is a traveling circus (a Latin term associated with Roman gladiatorial games and exotic animal act), which has a several of game and rides. The most significant of those pleasure being the merry go round or carousel and all method of strange beasts.

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