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A capital good is (one that does not quickly wear out) durable goods that is used in the manufacture and production of goods or services. Capital goods are one of the three forms of manufactured goods, the other two being labor and land, which are also refers to as primary factors of production. This categorization emanated during the classical economic period and has remained the main method for classification.

Capital goods are obtained by a society by saving wealth which may be invested in the factor of production. In terms of economics one can believe capital goods to be tangible. They are used to manufacture other goods or services over a certain period of time.  Building, Machinery, computer, tools, or other kind of equipment that is involved in manufacturing of other items for sale signify the term of a Capital good. The owners of the Capital good can be household, individuals, corporations or governments. Any item that is used in manufacturing of other goods also is regarded to be capital good.

Many description and definitions of capital goods manufacturing have been proposed. Capital goods are usually regarded one-of-a-kind, capital intensive products that include many mechanisms. They are frequently used as manufacturing systems or services themselves.

Examples include oil rig, battleships, handling systems, baggage and roller coaster equipment. Their production is frequently planned in projects, with numerous parties cooperating in networks (Hicks et al. 2000; Hicks and McGovern 2009; Hobday 1998). A capital good lifecycle usually consists of engineering, tendering, and procurement, manufacturing, maintenance commissioning, and (sometimes) decommissioning (Blanchard 1997; Hicks et al. 2000; Hobday 1998; Vianello and Ahmed 2008).

One should differentiate capital goods from consumption goods, as the aim of their purchase is quite different from the manufacturing stage. An example of it is a good car, which is usually considered to be a customer good as it is bought for a domestic usage. Nevertheless, dump trucks used by construction or manufacturing companies are clearly production goods. The motive is that they help in creating things like dams, road, bridges or buildings. Meanwhile, a chocolate candy bar is a consumer good, but the machines that are used to manufacture the candy would be considered capital goods. Some of the capital goods can be used in both manufacture of consumer goods or production ones, such as machinery for production of dump trucks. It is usually considered that the consumption is the logical outcome of all economic activity.

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