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The bicycle with engine that is commonly called a motorized bike. This type of bike has a motor attached which is used to assist the driver when to sell. These engines run on electric. Engines on bicycles may slightly help the driver to drive the bike in rough terrain. Electric motors drive most bikes for longer distances. Electricity in these bikes is powered by rechargeable batteries. Engines for sale are available in very few countries such as Germany and China.

Build a motorized bicycle is a project that you can make yourself in a few simple steps.

First, find a bike that is in good condition. Indeed, the engine will add an extra burden on bicycles. The bike must have a career. This is where the connected battery.

The second thing you need to have batteries and battery. The bicycle with engine requires a battery 24 or 36 volts. The battery must have a charger to charge the batteries when they are low.

When buying a motor bike it is necessary to strictly necessary to buy a motorcycle. The engine must have a toothed wheel of a car. Most engines come without a bike sprocket. This engine requires a lot of changes to speed and can break after a short time. Size of the electric motor gear must match your bike.

The second part of the equipment necessary for cycling the accelerator. The steel plate 1 / aluminum bicycle chain and one speed. After gathering all the necessary equipment, you can connect to the bike. Connect the throttle. The engine is also associated with the controller. Using a cable, connect the battery to the controller.

After connecting all the parts, roll throttle check whether the engine is running. If the engine is ready to be attached to the bicycle.

The motor is permanent on the bicycle triangle frame. The motor is connected with the sprocket in order to power the bicycle. These bikes are currently very expensive and will save a lot of money, if you are able to build for you. You can hire a local mechanic to help motor connection.

Moto is still classified as a bicycle when the driver must obey the rules and safety measures established for bicycle users. You should also be careful when you drive to maintain the safety of passengers in mind.

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