Pixelmate Exhibits & Designs caters to the bakery industry in the trade fair and stand setup we have unique designs for this industry and we cater to them and provide all kind of support and solution required to make them stand out of the clutter, we cater not only to the fortune 500 but to the start ups and small and medium enterprise.

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The bakery is a place that almost everyone has visited at one time or another. This is where you can get delicious pastries, cakes, biscuits, bread, cookies and even sandwiches! We can buy cakes for birthdays, wedding and graduation parties. However, if you are the one who counts calories, it is best to avoid persistent visits to the bakery.

There are generally two form of bakery: retail bakery and wholesale bakery.  wholesale bakery is the type of bakery where production of bread, cake, and other bakery goodies are being produce on a large scale for distribution purpose, Generally, there are many people who bake and manufactured foodstuff after the hygiene standards set by the Government are being strictly followed. The requirement for wholesale bakery is not the only factory; there are even small family enterprises that run large bakery. These family businesses are mainly in the cities and small towns in which they provide in the stores of bread and food in town.

Retail bakery is somewhere usually visited for buying baked goods; we can select from the different type of bakery items. The most popular bakery are the French bakery and Italian bakery because they are the world famous for their bread.

For one to really begin to operate a bakery, the purchase of equipment and supplies necessary for the bakery operation is essential. Then, of course, for the bakery to operate successfully the owner of the bakery must have some knowledge of the bakery management course, the cheapest and simplest to start a bakery is to buy a bakery which they already put for sale, because you will have at least some of the required tools to commence a bakery operation.

Number of bakers who is entering the bakery is industry slowing and plant bakery within a few years will find the benefits of significantly reduced. Small bakeries employ more staff than what the big bakeries gathered together large bakery can be making use of few people for production, but they produce more products. Some bakeries employ 2-10 staff can produce breads that have more flavor, crumb texture and better crust color. They can do this bread on a daily basis giving its customers a product with much cooler and more attractive. Manufacturing 280 pounds of flour in making dough within few minutes. To do this, it creates a lot of heat. The heat that would otherwise kill yeast, as result frozen water must be be used without actually freezing.

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