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Once the phenomenon of licensing the brand began to grow, there were tons of products being sold mainly to children and all the entire industry extended. Babies develop skills when surrounded by familiar character they want on the screen, their clothing, and crib mobile, so that parents are encouraged to buy more and more products.

Advertisers comprehend that getting brand and character in front of babies creates an attachment which is then leverage later when the children demand some products with these images,” said Josh Golin, executive director of the campaign for commercial free childhood a nonprofit profit making organization by linn in the 2000 these days, it’s hard to find products such as bottle, glasses, diapers, and sippy cup that do not have these media focusing on children.

It is expected that the awareness of parents about nutrition, hygiene and safety for babies drive the market over the forecast period. Greater participation of women in the labor force has increased the capacity of consumption, which should boost the market for baby products. Baby products manufacturers focus on producing ready-to-use with superior quality to increase the number of customers who buy products for babies.

The segment of baby cosmetics and hygiene products held largest market share in the whole market. Increased awareness of parents on the soft and sensitive baby skin as stimulate demand for cosmetics and baby supplies, and this trend is expected to continue over the forecast period. Baby health care Experts have attracted the attention of parents to the child’s health, which is forecasted to increase growing segment of cosmetic products for babies and toiletries for the future years. The segment of baby food products is growing because of the nutritional value that are found in infant formula ready for use that are better compared to baby food bread. In addition to the increasing urbanization and a growing number of women are well prepared for baby food. It is expected that the growing awareness of parents about the nutritional aspects of baby food stimulate the baby food market over the forecast period.

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