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Automation refers to the process by means of the controls for the operation of various types of equipment. Automation applications are used to allow reduced in human interaction, which improves safety. There are many types of automation products, such as automated mining and automated video surveillance with automated phone systems.

There are various functions automation can be used and it can be group into two main forms, sequential control and feedback control. Feedback control requires regulator and mainly used for procedures requiring the measurement and making calculated adjustments. The second type, the control sequence is used for processes that have programmed sequence of events.

A Subdivision of automation is motion control. Again, this is a process that does not require human interaction with a particular device. Motion control typically involves an electric motor, linear actuator or hydraulic pump that is used for automation process. This subdivision of automation is generally used in many industries, including packaging, textile, assembling and printing.

Automating Process has many advantages. Automation can improve the quality, productivity, and consistency while eliminating the risk of human error. It also reduces the amount of money the company has to spend on labor costs and other employee’s expenses, and also reduces the risk that some workers may create. For example, dangerous or monotonous tasks can be automated. In addition, jobs in dangerous location may be automated, such as underwater, in a nuclear facility or in space. Automating Tasks may also provide workers more time to perform other duties. This will also assist the organization productivity.

Just as there are pros, automating process also has some setback. While it’s great that dangerous and other tasks can be automated, it eventually get rid of jobs. Eliminating jobs further hurt the unemployment rate, which is an economic problem for many years. The cost of installing automating system may be very high. Since the machines perform the entire task, a lot of new equipment will be necessary to begin with. Finally, research and development is in progress, which means the running costs of around automation. Research and development is also unpredictable cost, which means that it could increase at any time. In general, automating processes has been a huge invention and has relieved human of hazardous or future harmful task. With a range of automation process available to customers, the number of tasks and automation applications has increased. The complexity of these tasks has also increased.

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