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Automation or automatic control is the use of several control to operate equipment such as machines, processes in factories, boilers and heat treating ovens, steering and stabilization of ship and aircraft, switching on telephone network, and other vehicles and applications with minimal or reduce human reduce interference. Some processes are fully automated.

The biggest advantage is that automation saves labor; however, it is also used to save energy and materials, and to improve the quality, precision and accuracy.

The word Automation, inspired by earlier word automatic (emanated from automaton) was not generally used until 1947 when Ford created automation division. It is at this point that the industry was rapidly utilizing feedback controller, which were launched in 1930.

Automation has been achieved by several means, including mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, and electronic and computer, normally in combination. Complex systems, such as modern factories, ships, aircraft and generally use all the combined techniques.

Automated precision technology is widely used in the most productive and top manufacturing companies. This type of advanced transactions primarily deals with robotic and fixed automation technology. Precision technology services are used by many industries, including food industry, mining industry, automotive industry and even the medical sector. There are various companies offering these services. Licensed companies experienced unprecedented are the ones that can provide robots innovative solutions for industrial automation needs. You can rely on this company for all your engineering needs. They will work on your project strongly despite all the key steps to ensure that you get done on time and on budget. In short, these companies specialize in depanning bakery products, denesting of paper cups and above all, they are experts in integrating robotic systems.

The best automated robotic systems using precision technology should be fast to set up since they come out of the box when it is fully assembled. In fact, there is lack of controller integration necessary as we have seen in other systems. Motor controls are robust and compact eliminates the need for extra cables and cabinets. This powerful specification allows each user to create high technology applications at any time they want. This technology has also great application widely used in the field of guided motion. By integrating guided motion into their operation it is not simplifing the identification and localization of complex problems, but also improves reliability by adjusting the dimensional changes. In conclusion, today many companies use this automated technology to reduce labor costs, increase revenue, increase accuracy and, ultimately, increase profits of your company. When choosing a company to adapt to the robot and control system, do not forget to choose a company based on its reputation and production work.

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