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Automation or automatic control employ the use of different control systems for operating machinery such as equipment, heat treating oven and boilers, processes in factories, steering and stabilization of ships, switching on telephone network, vehicles with minimal or reduced human intervention and aircraft and other applications. Several processes have been totally automated.

The major advantage of automation is that it saves labor; although, it is also used to save material and energy and to improve precision, accuracy, and quality.

Automation has been realized by several process which includes hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, and electrical, computers and electronic devices, usually in combination. Complex systems, such as airplanes, ship and modern factories normally use all these combined techniques.

The numerous functions automation may be engaged in can be categorized into two major types, sequential control and feedback control. Feedback control needs a controller and usually used for processes that needs measuring and making calculated adjustments. The second type, sequence control, is used for processes that have a programmed sequence of events.

A subdivision of automation is motion control. Once more, this is a process where human interaction with a particular device is not required. Like automation, motion control is the method of operating several machines through a controlled system. Motion control usually involves a hydraulic pump, electric motor, or linear actuator that is required for the automated process. This subdivision of automation is usually used in many industries including packaging, textile, printing and assembly.

Automating processes has numerous advantages. Automation can increase quality, consistency and productivity while eliminating the possibility of human mistake. It can also minimizes the amount of money an organization has to incur on labor and other worker expenses, and further, minimizes the risks some workers might develop. For instance, dangerous or monotonous tasks can be automated. Also, tasks in hazardous environments can be automated, such as in space, underwater or in a nuclear facility. Automating tasks may also provide workers with more periods to execute other function. This will also assist an organizational productivity.

Automation makes use of information technologies and control systems to develop productivity and dependability. Machine automation processes may assist to increase consistency and efficiency beyond a stage that is probable with human effort. Automation surpasses mechanization. While this sleek process allow human technicians machinery to physically support to their usual tasks, the automation process minimizes the requirement for human labor altogether.

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