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Audio equipment is being used for reproducing and recording sound. Audio-visual material and equipment include both pictures and recorded sound. Digital auditory tape is a form of magnetic tape used to produce a recording in digital form with high-quality recording sound

Audio equipment is being used for reproducing and reproducing sound.

An audio engineer also normally refers to vocal engineer or recording engineer works on the recording and manipulating the record using electronic effect, equalization, mixing, electronic effect, reinforcement, and reproduction of sound. Audio engineers task on the technical area of coding, the placing of pre-amp knobs, microphones, the setting of levels. Many audio engineers artistically use technologies to create a sound for radio, television, music, and films, computer games and electronic products. Audio engineers also put up, sound test and do audio console using live sound mixing and a sound reinforcement system for theatre, music concerts, and corporate event and sports games.

on the other hand, the word “audio engineer” can also be described as a professional engineer or scientist who holds a B.Sc or M.Sc who develop, builds and design new audio technologies functioning inside the studies of acoustical engineering.

Audio engineering bothered about the practical and creative area of sounds including music and music, as well as the expansion of new auditory technologies and improving scientific knowledge of audio sound.

Audio engineers in research and development create new technologies, techniques, and equipment to improve the procedure and art of audio engineering. They shape algorithms for audio signal processing and design acoustical simulations of rooms, carry out research on audible sound for video game console manufacturers specify the necessities for public address system, and other advanced areas of audio engineering. They can also be described as acoustic engineers.

Audio engineers in research and development can come from educational backgrounds such as computer science, acoustics, electronics, electrical engineering, physics, broadcasting engineer, and acoustical engineering. Audio engineering courses at college or university or college fall into two major categories:  training in science or engineering topics, training in the creative use of audio as a sound engineer, which then enable students to relate these ideas while pursuing a vocation mounting audio technologies. Audio education courses give you good information of technologies and their function to sound reinforcement system and recording studio, but do not have enough scientific and content to enable you to a acquire job in research and development in the acoustic and audio industry.

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