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Art is a wide range of human activities in the creation of visual, auditory and performance (works of art), which express the imaginative or technical skill of the author, to be admired for their beauty or emotional power. In its most general form, these actions include the production of works of art, art criticism, art history and aesthetics spread of art.

The earliest types of art are visual arts, including the creation of object and images in fields such as painting, graphics sculpture, photos and other visual media.

Architecture is frequently regarded as one of the visual arts; However, like the advertising and decorative arts, including the creation of objects where the practical considerations of use are important in ways that are not usually in a painting, for example. Film, dance, Music, theater, film, and other arts as well as literature and other media such as interactive media, included in a wider definition of art, up till seventeen century, the art is referred to any mastery or skill and not differentiated science or craft. In modern usage after the seventeenth century, where aesthetic considerations are important the fine arts are and distinguished and separated from learned skills in general, such as applied or decorative art.

The art can be group in terms of mimesis (its symbol of reality), communication of emotion, expression, or other qualities. During romanticism, period, art has come to be seen as “special ability of the human mind to be classified with science and religion”. Although controversial definition of what constitutes art has been disputed and changed over time, the general descriptions of the aforementioned idea of technical or imaginative​​ expertise deriving from human activity and creation.

The nature of art and similar concepts such as interpretation and creativity are derived in a branch of philosophy called aesthetics. Art history is a history of any product or activity by the people in the visual form for communication and aesthetical purposes, expressing emotion, ideas or in general a worldview. Finally, art is classified in various ways, from the medieval distinction between liberal arts and crafts arts, to modern distinction between applied art and fine art or many definitions that define contemporary art as a manifestation of human creativity. The subsequent expansion of the list of the major art of the twentieth century has reached new: dance, architecture, music, sculpture, painting, poetry(Widely described as a form of literature, with the aim or aesthetic function, which includes different types of theater and narrative), film, graphics art and photography and. In addition to the old forms of artistic expression, such as gastronomy and fashion, they are considering new forms of expression such as video art, digital art, entertainment, advertising, animation, television and games Video. Culture can be described in many ways. According to anthropologist EB Tylor, is “that complex whole which includes believe, knowledge, moral, art, law, custom and any other habit and capabilities acquired as a member of a community “.

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