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Arms industry is also describe as the arm trade or the defense industry, the industry is a global industry in charge of the production and sale of military technology and weapon. It include of a commercial industry responsible for production, engineering, research and development and servicing of military material, facilities, equipment. Companies that manufacture weapons, also known arms dealer, defense contractors, or military industry, mainly produced weapons for state armed forces. Departments of government are also working in the arm industry, the purchase and sale of weapons, ammunition and other military facilities. An arsenal is a place is the place where the products arms and ammunition are maintained and repaired, stored or transmitted, in any combination, whether private or public. Products include guns, ammunition artillery, missiles, ships, military aircraft, military vehicles, electronic systems, night vision devices, holographic weapon viewers, mining, laser sights, laser rangefinders, grenade hand, and more. The arms industry also provides operational and logistical support.

In modern times, France, Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain, and some state in Germany became self- reliance in arms manufacturing, distribution and migration skilled worker, to another countries, such as Russia and Portugal.

Modern arm industry has developed in the second half of the nineteenth century, after the creation and expansion of the first major military-industrial enterprises. While smaller countries (and even the newly established industrialized countries such as the Japan and Russia) could not produce the most modern military equipment with its resources and capacities, they started to contract manufacture of military equipment, such as armor, artillery and rifles.

Many developed countries have a national arms industry to supply its military forces. Some nation has a substantial domestic trade on the legal or illegal weapons for use by its citizens. Illegal trade in small arms is produced in many countries and regions affected by political instability. Small Arms Survey approximate that 875 million small arms are circulating worldwide, manufacture by more than 1,000 companies from over 100 countries. The provision of military contracts in the country has been approved by the government, concluding arms deals of significant political importance. The relationship between politics and the arms trade can lead to the development of US President Dwight D. Eisenhower described as a military-industrial complex, where the armed forces, trade and politics as closely transact arm deal. European mulitary defense, several companies, some public, some private, offer these contracts, often worth several thousand dollars.

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