Pixelmate Exhibits & Designs caters to the animal industry in the trade fair and stand setup we have unique designs for this industry and we cater to them and provide all kind of support and solution required to make them stand out of the clutter, we cater not only to the fortune 500 but to the start ups and small and medium enterprise.

Animal industry companies can avail Pixelmate Exhibits & Design service by writing to them at info@pixelmateindia.com or logging on to their website www.pixelmateindia.com.

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Architecture is a mix of art and technology. Architects design and plan construction, other structures and the places around them. Meanwhile, several technicians involved in the process of designing and construction which will upon completion of the projects will implement the designs.

Architecture is related engineering in the sense that competence is an essential feature of architectural designs. The design should facilitate the type of activities that take place in and around the building, as well as life in the house, production, education, events, retail and sports events. In recent years, energy efficiency has become a technically significant, new design method and materials have been reducing the continuing cost of cooling, lighting completed structure. Architects and engineers also need to look into how their designs can save money and lowering the environmental impact through the proper choice of materials and construction methods.

Aesthetics is another important factor in architectural design. Customers expect that the layout structure is attractive and suitable for its configuration. The design may be partially or completely in some historical traditions, possibly for better mixing among the closer older structure or propose traditions related to the activities for which the building is designed. A rivalry aesthetic consideration is the techniques that”follow function” rule that has become the standard guide of the modernist association as formulated by American architect Louis Sullivan at the turn of the twentieth century. Design can perform other visual effects; For example, Canadian-American architect Frank Gerry and Zaha Hadid Iraqi origin design buildings that seem to be moving. Since human activity are centre around the buildings and other structures. Architectural design must ensure the health, security and safety of individual who spend a lot of time in and around the buildings. This is the key motive why architects are required to obtain a license. Architects and engineers think about the structural integrity of the building, convenience for disabled people, the flow of air, and the removal of garbage or waste water protection against future fire threats, the extremes of nature. Numerous, but definitely not all of these considerations are covered by building regulations imposed by cities and states.

Architectural profession is for all time a team effort. Architects should believe the needs and demand of their consult and client with  regional or urban  planners, engineer, surveyors, landscape architects, and even technician or interns who may plan some thorough essentials of the building.

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