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Scientifically speaking, an animal can be defined as a mobile multicellular organism whose cells are not enclosed in rigid cell cells. From time immemorial, there have been interactions between humans and these animals for purposes ranging from sports to companionship.

Lots of people spend their time and money trying to raise animals and most of them end up failing woefully. This is because they fail to use the right approach.

History of Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is one of those traditions that have been in existence for thousands of years dating back to the first domestication of animals. The breeding of animals for desirable traits was first established during the British Agricultural Revolution in the 18th century.

In modern times, herds are tended on horses, motorbikes, four-wheel drive vehicles and helicopters depending on the livestock and terrain concerned. Herd managers of today supervise thousands of animals and usually employees. The industry is now developed such that farms and ranches may now employ breeders, herd health specialists, feeders and milkers to help cater for the animals. Animal husbandry is one industry that is both capital and labour intensive.

Here are a few factors to consider when raising animals for whatever purposes.

Factors to Consider in Animal Raising

  • Technical know-how can be acquired through experience or by reading learning materials such as books manuals and others. The knowledge of raising can also be attained by observations or by participation in actual operation as well as by interviewing or asking experts and experienced individual.
  • There are certain things to be considered in raising animals. These are the “technical know-how”, the “market assurance” and the “continued supply” of stock, feeds as well as other supplies that are needed for the operation.
  • Another thing is the market assurance, like other business entrepreneur you should also be assured that you have the specific market for your livestock. Timely disposal of livestock is necessary since they are subject for maturity and having a market assurance is beneficial.
  • The continued supply of stocks, feeds and other supplies are needed for the continued operation. Include with these are the stocks of animals that are going to raise, different kinds of feeds as well as the land or the area for animal raising operation, housing and other necessary equipment.
  • Animal-raising might be a good business to take into but you must be ready for some disadvantages that you might face in the future. Because this business involves living animals, you must consider the fact that your products are vulnerable for disease which could greatly affects the business operation.
  • However, this could be prevented by having proper information in animal handling especially in the proper health care and prevention of such diseases.
  • These includes the knowledge on what kind of diseases could possibly infect the particular animal and what type of medicines will you provide in the case of disease infection.
  • It is also necessary to determine some preventive measures to prevent the spread of the disease. What you just need are proper knowledge and proper implementation in animal raising operation.

Getting an animal whether for recreational purposes or as a business, one should take out time to balance the pros and cons and make sure you’re totally ready for the commitment. Animals constantly demand

  • Attention
  • Dwelling with proper hygiene
  • Adequate feed
  • Treatment in case of disease infection.

Challenges involved in Rearing Animals

Challenges of Animal Husbandry

A few challenges bothering rearing of animals are:

  • Unorganised- livestock sector and marketing.
  • Lack of credible information source.
  • Lack of interest and trust among farmers on technicalities.
  • Lack of knowledge in various sectors like banking, insurance, vaccination, hygiene, marketing etc.
  • Adherence to traditional knowledge
  • Rigid hierarchical structures, leading to lack of innovative methods of providing extension services.
  • Coordination failures at multiple levels, results in inefficient delivery of services.

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