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Sports industry could be regarded as a market in which people, business, activities, and organizations involved in the production, promotion, organize and facilitate, the knowledge of the company or business organization focused on sport. This is a market where companies have products to offer to its customers in relation to sports, and can be goods, people idea or places.

Sport (UK) or sports (US) They are generally a form of physical activity or competitive games through informal or organized participation, with an objective to maintain, use or improve physical and skill abilities, they provide satisfaction for the participants, and in some cases, and entertainment for the spectators. In general, a competition or a game between two sides, each trying to outdo the other. Some sports crate annual champion by organizing game in every regular season, thousand of sport exist from the single contest to those with the hundreds of immediate participant either competing as an individual or as a team. In some certain sport such as racing many participants may compete with each other or with one winner.
Sport is virtually know as a system of action which are based in physical dexterity or physical athleticism, with the largest most important competitions which include the Olympic Games and it is the only sport that meets the definition and other businesses which include
Only sports that meet the definition and other organizations such as the Council of Europe utilizing meaning without a physical factor from classification as sport. activities definition that excludes activities without a physical element of the classification of sports. However, a large number of competitive activity, but not physically played involved claimed identification to be a mind sport.

Sport usually played by a set of rules and customs, which are used to ensure fair competition and provide a consistent winner. it can determine the winning by physical events such crossing the line first or scoring a goal. Winning can also be specified by the judges who are athletic performance elements, including the subjective and objective or subjective measures, such as artistic impression and technical execution.

Performance records are often reserve for popular sports, this information can be published and widely reported in the sports news. Sport is also an important basis for entertaining non-participants, with the sporting attracts a large number of people in sports halls, and reaches a wider audience by broadcasting.

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