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Agricultural engineering constitutes many science disciplines and technological principle for efficient food production and processing of food, fiber, and fuel, and feeds. This includes disciplines such as mechanical engineering (automated machines agricultural machinery system), the soil science(nutrients and crop fertilization, etc.), environmental science( irrigation and drainage), plant biology (seeding and plant growth administration ) and animal science.

The first agricultural engineering curriculum was founded by Professor J. B Davidson of Lowa state university in 1903. The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers formally known as The American Society of Agricultural Engineers were established in 1907.

Agricultural engineers can perform tasks such as planning, monitoring, supervising and managing the construction of the dairy effluent schemes, drainage, irrigation, performing environmental impact assessment, flood water control system, agricultural product processing, implement relevant practices and interpret research result. Some agricultural engineers were employed in academia or government agencies such State agricultural extension services and US department of agriculture. Some are professional as well as consultants working with private engineering firms, while others work in industry, for equipment processing technology and for manufacturers of agricultural machinery, as well as structure for storing crops and for housing livestock. Agricultural engineers are engage in administration, production, research and development or applied science, sales.

In the UK, Agricultural Engineer often used to describe a person who repairs or changing agricultural equipment.

Significant area to Agricultural Engineers
• Design of agricultural equipment. machinery and structures
• Environmental control systems, ventilation and cooling.
• Energy Conservation
• Crop production- tillage, seeding, and irrigation practices
• Soil & water conservation
• Animal production and care
• Biofuel production and utilization on the farm
• Post harvest handling, processing and storage
• Precision farming machine and technologies,
• Farm operations and management
• Farm safety, security and ergonomics
The exhibition industry has taken over enormous significant economic functions. In the exhibition location supply and demand are brought together. It provides an interactive platform to the market participants of an exhibition. Exhibition contributes to the development and revitalization of markets and market segments.
Agricultural exhibitions serve the interests of the entire country and all the people. Its function is to speed up the growth of agriculture in the technological, technical and organizational aspects on the ground of establishing the accomplishment of agricultural science and continuous operation of production.
Agricultural exhibitions broadly exhibit the accomplishment of large-scale, extremely mechanized socialist agricultural production.

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