We are one of the best exhibition stand design company in Pune. In our company , exhibition stands are designed , manufactured and installed on the basis of our clients’ specifications. We work along with our client to meet their exact requirements from design to installation. Our modular exhibition stand design are flexible and can be reconfigured to suit different spaces available in the trade shows, exhibitions or events.

We provide

  • A custom look and perfect finish for your stand
  • Our team technicians handles the entire assembling and dismantling process
  • A cost effective solution with our modular exhibition stand design
  • Flexible frame work that helps to remold and resize the stand again and again
  • Compact design that are easy to store and easy to transport
  • Eco friendly and reusable and reconfigurable designs and materials

Up to the mark : Pixelmate India custom built and small exhibition stands

We offer small exhibition stand design and it is manufactured and professionally installed to your specifications with minimum hassle. We believe in harmony at work. In each and every events we evolve with new shape, new size and new creative graphics. Our frames can be reused and reconfigured because of their small and custom designs. Hence we provide a big opportunity for our clients to interact with their ideas too. Our friendly team will always be there to provide help and advice to our client in every step of the way. Even the small details can make a big difference. So we take very much care from the initial ideas and give expertise ideas and support to make your part in the exhibition a bid success for you.

Hiring Us : A Good Idea

Hiring the team Pixelmate India can be a good idea and you can cherish the benefit from it life long. We have in mind that exhibitions are not a regular occurrence. So we provide beautiful range of inspiring and high impact exhibition stands as rental package too. We never leave our clients after one exhibition. We store the entire materials for them and reconfigure it in a new fresh look for his next occasion so that he can exhibit his products this time in very much less cost than the previous and the first one. Our modular stand design makes it possible. That’s why we are said to give the best modular exhibition stand design in Pune. We care for your money. So hiring us means it is a one time big investment for you and you can experience our service life long in entirely low cost.

What we offer

Along with this , we also provide furniture and media screens . The clients are free to choose the exhibition stand design based on their requirements and the available floor space and then our innovative and creatively crazy designing team will create the graphics and our professional installation team will execute it. We offer package facility too. All these factors make us the best exhibition stand design company in Pune.

Our speciality

Our small exhibition stand designs are built in with scalability as standard. The panels can be added or removed according to the clients’ need. We provide stands that are flexible, modular and portable. The design can support a wide range of accessories and attachments and it is light weight too. No need any heavy tools to build it , just nuts and bolts can do the job perfectly. Our flexible technology can be utilized to built the frame in any shape and size easily during installation and can be created in beautiful curves or impactful straight walls. We also provide large range of accessories like tables, chairs, shelves, slat walls, media screens, backlights,  light boxes etc. . Light weight and compact structure supports easy storage and transportation.

Pixelmate India : Visit ‘N Choose the various options

For computer keyboards, product displays, customer literature etc. we add table modules. We have got different shelving modules to showcase our products. It is also available in a variety of designs and finishes. We manage to provide storage space too in the available space with the addition of a lockable door. Counters, workstation etc of various sizes and shapes can also be added. All these factors help us to create the best exhibition stand design in Pune.

Mode of operation : Best exhibition stand design in Pune

Pixelmate India is a team of enthusiastic workers. We involve extremely fast and furious designers of international quality, high managerial service providing graduates, immensely literate technical staff and dedicated labours. Once we are in any project, the client can see our hands in every steps. We will be active from choosing space for the stall itself. We always mark all the factors that can provide way for large crowd in the client’s stall. Eye-catching and most modern innovative and brand new designs will be created by our world class exhibition stand designers. They use all the available technologies in the modern era to make our client the awarded exhibitor. After making a state of the art design , our techies will take over the chore. It is their job to assemble to the excellent quality and place properly all the stand designs so as to give a fresh and interesting look in the eyes of the visitors. They should connect perfectly each units so that each one entering our stall should experience that they are in another world and forget all around them. Transforming a mere visitor into a potential customer of yours is our motto. All the factors like perfectly placing graphic printouts as walls or covering for the frame, colour theme based panels and slats , carpets, furniture etc. revolve around to make your stand the best exhibition stand design in Pune. Our skilled laborers will be actively there with you through out the event. We use highly degradable materials so that the waste produced will be very low and can be easily turned into ashes without the poisonous fumes. After the event we take care of the dismantling and storing chore also, so that you can come out with another fresh look in your next event.