An exhibition stand can be referred as the show stopper in the event. We are specialized in customized, creative and modular exhibition stand designs. We follow both conventional methods and most modern methods. We always keep ourselves updated so that we can work on any designs according to the client’s taste. We are aware of the fact that each exhibitor wants to boost his identity in an exhibition and we thrive to build our clients’ pride moments. The complete credit in making us the best exhibition stand design company in Mumbai goes to our esteemed clients. It is their genuine reviews that rated us to this level.

Team Pixelmate India : The best exhibition stand designers in Mumbai

We comprise a great team of highly dedicated, wildly enthusiastic, extremely friendly and super energetic bodies. We constitute very much creative and efficient designers, highly professional technicians, extra active managers and skilled labours. All the members are always ready to assist our client, clearing any of their doubts. From the very first beginning, that is discussion, to the zenith , that is dismantling and clearing the stall, our team will be there with you. We all take immense effort to create the best exhibition stand design in Mumbai.

Quality is everything

No compromise in quality. Quality is our hallmark. We meet the bureau of Indian standards and strictly follow national building quotes. Our output will give a serene and healthy ambience. It is our promise to ourselves and we are ready to die to meet this strategy. From the selection of each and every matter and material we maintain this quality. We use elegant graphic contents and harmonious colour themes and proper screen displays that bespoke your brand at one glance itself. This makes the heavy traffic in the stalls created by us. The pull out stands, row stands, pop up stands, literature stands, modular exhibition stands etc , that we use , will sing our quality . Compared  to conventional designs, we now concentrate to modular, small and compact designs. We tend to make our exhibition stand design smart : one of the best exhibition stand design in Mumbai.

Conventional V/S Trendy

Conventional methods use exhibition stand made up of wood or other materials. These are usually large frame works and are glued or permanently attached together. Large printouts of graphic contents are needed to cover the frame works. Because of its huge size, they could be carried only in trucks to the venue. Cost will be high for large print outs. These are not reusable . Because it is all kept in tact by glue or nailed. Hence while dismantling a great chance of damage exists and once used then it cannot be reused.

Trendy means minimalised, that is small exhibition stand design. It is the elegant way. This can convey more informations quickly. Here steel bolts are used. So modular exhibition stands can be brought folded. It can be assembled easily and fastly at the venue just by joining every pieces with nuts and bolts. These are more durable too. Due to compact design the print outs do not cost much. You can save that amount for adding more graphic elements or decorations to enhance the design. These stands can be easily transported and can be reused.

Our Work : Client’s choice : exhibition stand design in Mumbai

Pixelmate India keeps great value for its clients. So the client’s satisfaction is the ultimum. The use of customized or modular stands will depend upon the client choice. We do everything to meet his idea. Along with it we make the best showcase for the brand. We know that an attractive exhibiton stand only will be engaged with visitors and more potential customers for the client. More business for our client is our success. Thus we are the most buzy yet responsible and create the best exhibition stand designs in Mumbai.

Go green with Pixelmate India

We use eco – friendly materials for our each and every elements. We try to avoid plastic items to the maximum. The print outs we use are of high quality, degradable material. We have our own waste management plant and plans. We never drop even a nail at the exhibition ground. We use high quality frames for our stands . We maintain less pollution in our environment. Breath freely and feel fresh in our atmosphere. Our modular exhibition stand designs help to provide the serene environment.

Be choosy is the new option : Pixelmate design gallery

U can find an enormous variety of  choice in our gallery. Come to the best exhibition stand designing company in Mumbai where you can give your eyes a delicious feast of exhibition stand designs of all types and varieties. Either you can choose from this exclusive designs of our designers or we can go creative with your innovative ideas and our brain. We assure that you will not get bored of our collections. Yes, of course you may be tired trying to pick one best design from it because each of our designs are rich and unique in its own way. Always remember that your stand design reflects your brand and communicates your business informations with the customers. Therefore choosing a clever exhibition stand promotes your brand and increases the number of foot fall in your stand and thus adding more and more business in your pocket.

Pixelmate tips : How to get the best exhibition stand design

Nothing is granded in this universe. So getting an amazing output is not an easy task. Hence always do care certain minute factors which people usually rejects. Whatever be your design , be vibrant and utilize the available space rightly. Use proper and attractive display of your brand. Each product should be show cased well attractively. If you make small exhibition stand design and leave maximum space unengaged , it will look weird. So our way of carefully and brilliantly utilizing and expressing the client’s  brand makes an impression not only in the visitor’s eyes but also in their mind and they use to come in search of Pixelmate India for their projects. That is our pride and success.