We provide an end to end exhibition services including the design, manufacture, installation etc. of both custom build and modular stands. We deliver extremely professional and high impact exhibition stands. Our stands are lively, they work a lot, they speak loudly about your brand and design. They attract visitors towards them. They are very much loyal to the owner that is our client. They work to enhance his business. They help to convert mere visitors to long term customers. We take care of the whole process of exhibition. We always work to raise our level up. That is why we are the best exhibition stall design company in Kolkata.

Design : the best exhibition stand design in Kolkata

We make your stand come alive with 3D visuals and flat plans and high level printed graphics. We handle everything regarding the design of your stand to provide you with the best exhibition stand design in Kolkata.

Feel the essence of modular stand design

We always want to make a lasting impression in all the events we participate. We focus to create and install a high impact, creative and the most innovative modular exhibition stand design. We ensure that our designs make you stand out from the rest of the participants. We provide a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials according to your requirements. We always adapt necessary functions and technology. The graphics are completely inter changeable and so you can make any change in the message or branding , if you want. We design cost effective modular exhibition stands so that you can get maximum impact for minimal cost. We live on customers’ satisfaction. You can hire or purchase our modular stands.

Unique is the new trend : Custom exhibition stand design

If the client insists for a custom look, then we can create a totally unique exhibition stand design that provide the perfect solution and make you stand out from your rivals. We assure that your rivals will feel meager in front of your unique exhibition stand. There are no limits in the size, shape, style and design elements to make a bespoke design that can be the best exhibition stand design. Our skilled and creative designers can design the most effective exhibition stand that can reflect your brand, your ethos and your message to the visitors in a very small span of time. Our team can use the space suitably to fix all your required stands. Proper LED lightings and plasma or LED screens can be installed. High quality print out of graphics can add to the beauty of the stand to a great extent.

Ease to work with us : The best exhibition stand company in Kolkata

Working with us is so simple and you can feel the super friendly aura always when you are with us. We embrace a wealth of experience in the exhibition industry and you will be able to get the proof in all the steps. We manage everything in the project from the initial step to the final departure. Our qualified, skilled, efficient and super active project managers will assist you through out the process. They can help you select the right equipment for your exhibition needs on time and on budget. We give a stress free , hassle free service which make us the best exhibition stand design company in Kolkata.


Choosing the right design : The best exhibition stand design

Lots of options are available with us and you will find it difficult one from them. Here also our super managers will help you make the right choice. They will talk and discuss with you the various options available and your specific requirements and will help you to identify the best exhibition stand design for your brand.

Pre – Planning : Leave it to us

We look after even your paper works and logistics related to the exhibition needs.It is because we have the team that had already worked in countless exhibitions and so they are well versed with all the pre-event requirements. You can leave it all upon us. Our team will look after the health and safety, designing area, 3D designs, risk assessments, phase plans, electrical works, installation requirements, internet and network requirements, transportation, logistics etc. So you can work on your business strategies well. It is because of this countless and unconditional services, we are crowned as the best exhibition stall design company in Kolkata. On the day of the event also we will be with you to do the last minute check outs. After the event also we will take care of the dismantling and removal of your exhibition stand and make sure that it is safely and securely transported back to the premises or storage site.

Our work : best exhibition stand design in Kolkata

To make the best exhibition stand design in Kolkata, we have to work a lot. So we always try to make it possible and make sure that we make high impact, large format graphics that can grab attention even from the other side of the venue. The skilled and experienced team of designers give innovative and creative designs to meet this goal and can make sure that your exhibition stand truly stands out from the crowd and drags more visitors. For banners, flooring etc. we deliver high details and large format graphics to get maximum effect and can be applied on any surface. We want you to achieve the best results for your business and so we will take care of the whole process from concept to creation. Other than designing and installation we also take care of lighting , seating etc. also because we want to ensure that our design is delivering you the optimum impact at your exhibition. We make sure that we had developed a totally bespoke design that meets all your requirements. Always remember that you are under our cover so that we can make sure that we are giving you the most appropriate and effective furnishings, equipment and technology and thus the best exhibition stand design in Kolkata.