Exhibitions are the right platform for branding your product to get public attention. But certain points you should note is that here you can find lots of different companies from same industry in an area. So in order to get attention of the visitors you need to be unique, u need to be different from others. You can achieve this with Pixelmate India, who are the best exhibition stand design company in Kochi. We can be the best partner for you. We take you in our family. After connecting with us, you will be in our radar, regarding all exhibition based matters.

First Step : The best exhibition stand design

We have a team of wildly enthusiastic and creative and innovative designers who can give world class range designs. They make conversation with you to know whether you have any idea in your mind regarding the design. If you do have, then they design with specifications taking into account of your idea too. If not, then they will make designs going beyond the sky level. They utilize the maximum available floor area and make stand designs suitable for various needs. Special care will be given not to give a crowd view of all the stands. We give free space for the visitors to breath. High impact graphics will be provided. Banners for fixing in pull up stands will be designed and printed. Some literatures like brochures, flyers, visiting cards etc also need to be displayed . By reading this the customers can get more clear picture of the product. Customized, conceptualized and theme based design will be provided. Make sure that the design can make a positive impact on the visitors. We never use gawky colours and designs, unless the client demands it. Eventually we will design the best exhibition stand design in Kochi for you. After confirming the design, we give a 3D rendering so that you can have a clear picture of you stand’s output.

Second step : Installation

After making the design fixed, they will be sent to our multi talented and highly professional technicians in the production wing. They produce the frame work and configure it to the respective design. All process are done carefully. Each and every specifications will be monitored perfectly. Eco friendly and harmless materials are used to make the units. Then comes the time to assemble the various units. It is assembled according to the space available. We utilize the space in a highly efficient manner. All the colours used will be theme based and harmonic. Set up the individual units and make exact position for the display of the products. Brochures, flyers etc will be well displayed. Digital display for the brand will also be installed. Proper lighting will be provided. Harmless and high efficient LED lights will be used. Extra accessories , if needed, will also be installed to make the unique and elegant look and make it the best exhibition stand design in Kochi.

Third step : Dismantling

After the exhibition , the main chore is dismantling. We help you in that also. You need not have to worry for anything. We carefully dismantle everything. As the modular exhibition stall design use the nut and bolt method is used in installation, removing it and dismantling is also easy. After this we help you to store it so that you can reuse it for the next event by reconfiguring it.


Our supervision : You are in radar

All the manners will be watched keenly and closely by our pro active manager who runs along with you in all your works. He can advise and help you with any matter because he is very much experienced and had taken part in lot of exhibitions. Hence we can see our hands in each and every step and that makes us the best exhibition stall design company in Kochi.

Attract audience : Small exhibition stand design

Compact is the new trend. In fact, compact stands are more elegant and more talking and if well placed can converse a lot of things. In an exhibition ground, you will be provided with minimum floor area. So small exhibition stand design suits the purpose. They can be set in the most exciting manner to attract more visitors to you and it is your duty to turn them into your potential customers.

Modular and Conventional Stand designs : an overview

We design according to your choice. It is your duty to choose. Conventional methods use wood or aluminium. The frames are large in size and hence more cost and difficult to transport too. But we make high impact conventional designs too if you want that. After the event , such stars are not easy to dismantle, and in this process they damage a lot. But in Modular exhibition stand design, no such problems can arise. The frames are reusable and interchangeable. So they can be used in any size and shape. It gives elegant look and suits aptly in the space. Due to the modular size, the printout of the graphic content can cover the whole frame work. Here, being modular means more. Attractive lighting can be given. People can feel more space to breath. All these features can catch more eyes towards it. The high impact it is creating can attract all the eye balls and no one can prevent him from entering your stall. They try to acquire all the information about you, and thus mere visitors can be turned around as your potential customers. Proper plasma or LED screen can be fitted. The stand can be of curved shape or straight. Likewise the graphic printout can be attached as curve or a straight wall. The whole arrangements can give you the perfect, elegant and attractive exhibition stand design and plays the role for the uncontrollable traffic and help you to get much more business.

Our motto : Customer satisfaction

We have a huge list of customers in our register who are very much satisfied with our service. We always keep in mind that our success lies in our client’s success. Pixelmate India always works to meet that line of supremacy in each and every project.