In this world of high competition, all are rushing for everything. So everything is insta now a days. If you are a business man and you are thinking to promote your business, first you will think and study about the mode of advertisements. Finally you will come out with the conclusion that exhibitions are the best way to make more people to see you. It is the public demand. Interacting with more public only can increase the business for you. If you are competitional, then you can find that setting up a business stand by yourself is an impossible task in this era because all come up with varieties. Also you won’t get time for all these. Spending money for an exhibition will definitely make you search for the best exhibition stand design company in Gurgaon. We can swear that your footsteps will stop at our doorsteps.

Our views

First impression is the best impression. In this competitive world this phrase means a lot. So a design that can impress customers’ at first sight is the best design. We work on this principle. Whatever be your proposal, big or small event, we take part in each step from beginning to end dedicatedly. Your success is our success. We are very much devoted towards our projects and thrive hard to make us the best exhibition stand company in Gurgaon. We provide a complete end to end management for the exhibition.

New project : You are one among us : Best exhibition stand design in Gurgaon

Once we commit your project is like you are in our family. We take care of you as our family member. You will get more than what you invested. The end product will be a high quality bespoke exhibition stand without the price tag. We do not mind price tag as the hanging wood. For us quality in delivery matters. We design to fit your space and bring you the most suitable small exhibition stand design.

Our offers : Client satisfaction

  • Adequate graphic design
  • Full CAD 3D visual of the design
  • Quality framework
  • HD printed graphics
  • Custom counter unit
  • Luxury furniture
  • LED lighting according to colour theme
  • LED screens with multiple inputs
  • Free delivery to the venue
  • Professional installation
  • Responsible dismantling
  • Great collection of stand and accessories
  • Storage of the graphics and other equipments.

Features : Modular exhibition stand design

Versatility flows through our system. That means the whole exhibition stand system can be scaled up or down according to your needs, reconfigure the layout , re use the graphic print outs for your upcoming events. That is you can use this for multiple events through out the year and is a cost effective solution. This is one of the profitable feature of a modular exhibition stand design.

Mode of Our work

We provide complete service…… design, delivery, installation, dismantling and storing. We take care of everything. Your cost too matters for us. We offer highly impactful exhibition stand suitable for your requirement and budget. With us, you can take a deep breath, have peace and concentrate on your business and the new clients.

We personally meet and have conversation with our customer. Make him spit all that is in his mind regarding the exhibition. The designer team will then start their amazing work. We consume, less time and all of the available space ; and emerge with the high end innovative and creative design you can get. Our focus is hooking up visitors’ eyes on our stand in its first glance itself. We do the best exhibition stand design in Gurgaon.

We always follow time bound delivery. Out installation team comprising of skilled workers always do their job perfectly. They use most modern technique of installation. They will take a look of the place before installing and do proper changes and arrangements from their part also utilizing the available space efficiently. The theme colour will provide the harmonious look and the relevant ambience. They will place all the stands, even if it is the main frame of the roller up or the pull ups, suitably so that your brand will be displayed well. Necessary lightings will be provided. Make LED lights to play their role beneficially. Cover the frame work with the graphic print outs so that they can hide the frames effectively. We use graphic banners of high quality degradable and eco friendly materials. We are go green types. Addition of more accessories according to the necessity will be provided. Plasma or LED screen can be fixed according to the client’s choice. We provide light boxes and display stands and necessary furniture too. We also provide audio visual equipments. Give more point of sale accessories and literature to ensure a seamless representation of the brand and make our stand the best exhibition stand design in Gurgaon. In short , we will design in such a way that the people will get an idea about your product and get impressed at their first look itself. You will not be able to give attention on the stand design as you will be busy meeting new clients and customers and explaining and discussing with them the business strategies. More clients you get more confidence we get. Enhancing your business is our ultimate motto.

At the end of the exhibition there will be more chaos and stress as all rush to leave the place. There also you need not have to take the stress, we take care everything. Our team will dismantle, take carefully the graphic print outs, literature and over all left over things and store them safely and carefully so that you can reuse them in your future needs.

We are proud on the way we are working and we build a long lasting relationship with our customer and always ready to drive an extra mile to go beyond the expectations.Thus we provide a hassle free and cost effective exhibition management solution.