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Advertising is an audio or visual form of marketing that helps involves a sponsored message to sell the products or services of the sponsor. These sponsors are usually businesses who pay the advertising agency for the promotion. Advertisements are usually non-personal messages which are controlled by the advertiser. This should not be confused with public relations whose messages are directed to a particular set of individuals. Advertising can be done through various media channels, including radio channels, Television, direct mail or internet websites. The actual message which ranges from simple graphic images to complex audio-visual messages are usually termed advertisements or “ads”.

The sole purpose of a commercial ad is to increase the advertisers’ “brand value” by associating its product’s name/image with certain qualities in the minds of prospective consumers while direct response ads are used to elicit immediate sales of products or services. There other reasons why advertisements are run. These range from political campaigns to creating public awareness about non-profit organizations.

Evolution of Modern Advertising

Modern advertising can be traced back to the tobacco advertising that ran in the 1920s. The world today obviously doesn’t downplay upon the power of advertising. In 2013 alone, about US$592.43 billion was spent on advertising by business people all over the world. Here’s a history of how advertising became the billion dollar industry it is right now.

The 1920s

Radios were the first form of modern advertising developed. The first ever radio stations were established in the early 1920s by radio equipment manufacturers and retailers who offered programs in order to sell more radios to consumers. This paved the way for non-profit organizations who followed suit in setting up their own gear including various schools, clubs and civic groups into their programs. Soon enough, businesses sponsored radio programs in exchange for a brief mention of their brand name at the beginning and end of the shows. Soon enough, radio station owners realized they could make more money selling those sponsorship rights to multiple businesses throughout their broadcasts.

The 1950s

30 years after the radio stations were set up, the first set of television ads ran. Sponsors exercised enormous control over the content of the shows. This model of single sponsorship is not as prominent in today’s world.

The 1990S

Online advertising contributed a great deal to the dot come boom that occurred in the 1990s. Companies operated on advertising revenues offering incentives ranging from coupons, to free internet access. In the 21st century however, targeted advertising based on consumers’ browsing behavior is the order of the day.

Advertising today has evolved from a few promotional on a TV or radio program. Advertising agencies have a lot of leverage because they help companies generate sales which is basically the life blood of any firm.

Most effective methods of advertising

Now here are the 3 most effective channels of advertising in today’s world

Digital advertising

The human existence has become highly meshed with the internet. The advent of social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, instagram , snapchat have made various individuals go online just to check up on their friends or colleagues hence making the internet a more effective advertisement tool. In today’s world, it is necessary for businesses to take their public relations to the internet as they could reach millions of interested parties within a very short period of time. Various sites now possess slots for advert placements on their web pages as well as payment processors such that million dollar transactions may be carried out on the internet without any stress whatsoever.

One of the most effective channels for online marketing is the use of e-mails. Using this method, the brand sends messages to its prospective consumers enticing them with offers. It is more effective than ad placement because they are directed to interested individuals.

Print advertising

Variety is the spice of advertising. Digital advertising is the most effective mode of advertising in the world today. Prints such as magazines and newspapers still pass off as effective tools for sending out messages to the public.  One common form of print advertising is classified advertising where companies purchase a small and narrowly targeted ad paid by the word or line.

Guerrilla Advertising

This is more of a style of advertising than a media. It involves enticing the consumer with some quality product or service and then invite them to join a community where they would most likely buy products.

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