Visual communication is more effective than verbal. More traffic in your exhibition stall depends upon the way you add more visual treat for the visitors. Here lies the importance of using relevant and attractive exhibition stands. Make sure you are searching for the best exhibition stand design company in Delhi. With Pixelmate India you can meet your perspective.

Our quality

We are always customer friendly, hence we are very much aware that your exhibition stand communicates your brand. So we always strive to come out with the best exhibition stand design in Delhi that is appropriate for your exhibition stall. We opt for fashionable, compact and attractive exhibition stand designs that can catch the eyes of the visitors easily. We  have got a team of the best exhibition stand designers in Delhi who are enthusiastic to take over any challenges. Our team always believe in on time delivery.

Our designers

We hold a team of the best exhibition stand designers in Delhi in our journey. They had been always super friendly with our clients, trying to understand them completely, communicates well with them and watch carefully and keenly each and every even the minute things in your mind that can add more attraction and more beauty to their designs. You can definitely watch how they add super elements in your dream design to make them unique and standout from your competitors and thus attracting more customers and hence boosting your identity in the event. Pixelmate India provides you with the most trendy designs suitably utilizing the available space utmost.

Most creative and customized exhibition stand is our specialty. You can find the WOW factor in each and every of our creation which makes our design the best exhibition stand design in Delhi.

Our designs

We provide a wide range of exhibition stand designs and you can easily select the one that can   completely fulfill your needs. For both small and large businesses exhibitors , modular exhibition stands are trend setting. There are lot of benefits too. Modular exhibition stands are easily portable, they can be fastly installed, they can make high impact on the visitors with their vibrant design and also we use reusable or degradable materials. Thus it is evident that Pixelmate India is the best exhibition stand designing company in Delhi.

Modular exhibition stand designs : Take a look at the benefits


Modular exhibition stands are more efficient than custom built. They can be managed easily and can be folded into compact bundle and easy to carry wherever you go. From small to large stands can be broken down into small units because of their modular design. Usually trucks are used for transporting large custom built exhibition stands but modular stands can be carried in small means. They are easily accessible to various exhibition locations.

Ease in installation

Modular exhibition stands can be installed easily with very low work force and time. That means even without a large technical man power, the stand can be setup quickly and easily and we can cut down expense of hiring highly qualified engineers and also can deliver our clients a cost – effective service. In short , they can be set up quickly and easily with very less number of laborers.

Option for amazing designs

Modular exhibition stand designs can also be customized. It can be made attractive and informative using various graphic contents. This capsule visual treat can bring excitement in the visitor’s eyes and nobody will leave the exhibition event without stepping in this stall. Our excellent and hardworking designers always make the best exhibition stand design in Delhi. Large exhibition stand designs always need huge print outs of the graphic designs to cover up their large framework. But small exhibition stand designs are portable and need small frameworks and hence the graphic designs can also be interchanged when needed.

Recent inceptions : colourful and highly impactful exhibition stand designs in Delhi

Pixelmate India always try to create colourful and highly impactful exhibition stand designs to make your stall stand out from the rest. Recently we introduced illuminated back drops and light boxes and the response was amazing. Because of its modular design, it could be easily assembled and mounted and could be reused. The pre-fabricated construction technique we are following, helps to save much time in the event ground and execute the stall design quickly. We focus on versatility . The inter connections can be inter changed to get more and more new designs and provide our clients with unique exhibition stand designs. This makes us the best exhibition stand design company in Delhi.

Pixelmate India : The Exhibitors’ Choice

We are able to make a huge bunch of potential clients in our list because of the unique and impactful designs and new introductions we offer in each project. We underline for client satisfaction. Each and every member of our team maintains excellent hospitality. We never had a bad review in our register book.

We think out of the box. We deviate from the conventional exhibition stand designs and go for new, trendy and durable designs. The framework we use in each of our project are of top quality and always meet the Bureau of Indian Standards. We always remain updated and use the most modern and relevant technology in our works. Our display stand designs always got huge applause from the clients because our designs could enhance their business and could take their business to the next level. Rather than advertisements we grew through mouth publicity. This itself gives the idea of the fame we are getting in our each and every work. Hence we are listed as the best exhibition stand design company in Delhi.

If You have an idea about how your exhibition stand design should look like, then feel free to consult and open up with us. You will be surprised to see how we came with an excellent design which was exactly in your mind plus an additional graphic flavours from our side to make the design incomparable and outstanding.