Are you in search of a company who can provide you with the best exhibition stand design in Chennai to rise you to the level of the best exhibitor in the event ? Are you tired of participating in exhibitions with the old strategy and getting the worst result and losing money ? Its time to wake up ! Run along with the world. Look around how much development you can see. All are trying to get the best. So why to lose money and time ? Go for the best. Get in touch with us and you can experience again the broad smile on your face. We can be your best choice because we are the best exhibition stand design company in Chennai. We all know that in all projects we will face challenges and unseen situatuions, but when we have right partners with us, we can easily solve all the challenges. Pixelmate India can be such a partner for our esteemed clients. Commitment and passion are our hallmarks.

Pixelmate India : A brief description

We compass a team of strong conceptualizing , designing, 3D rendering, technologically efficient and skilled persons. We had evolved through a large collection of exhibitions, trade shows, events etc. and these factors had added to our tremendous experience and work efficiency. We always provide quality in our work and The Quality In Work Is Our Quality. We keep matters simple, efficient and economical for our clients. We take all projects: either big or small : scale of the project doesn’t matter for us. We always provide a complete solution for our clients in a friendly atmosphere and hence they all had crowned us as the best exhibition stand designers in Chennai.

How we manage projects

We are there with our client right from planning, designing, execution, control and closure. We work together to determine the output of the project. Exhibitions are not a part of any business, it is specific and is temporary; it has a fund limit and it has a beginning and end but we try to maintain our relation with our client for life long. People hiring us once, will never leave us for any occasions. We deliver on time. So we are proud to deliver on time and within our client’s budget and create an awesome experience for our potential clients which worth more than what they invested and they can obtain the best exhibition stand design.

How we design

Our designers talk directly with the customer to know their needs and their mind to know what type of design they want or they like. We give complete acceptance to the client’s idea too. We keep firmly in mind that you want to make a strong impact in the event to attract potential customers and so have to come up with an outstanding and fully bespoke exhibition stand design. We take care to make a design that covers the available space efficiently. We look into all factors, even minute things wont be missed from our eyes. We have the idea that, in an exhibition ground we get the minimum floor area. In this small space , we have to give the best exhibition stand design in such a way to get maximum walking space and have to accommodate display in between in a way that a person entering the stall can acquire the maximum  that is A-Z information about the company.


How it works

Keep in mind that the visitor should get an information about your company for life long within 3 minutes. He should be able to get maximum information in that minimum time he spends there. Provide such an aesthetic atmosphere that a customer visiting your stall is forced to spent some time there and get more information about your brand and get impressed and finally turn out to be your appropriate customer. We work in this way. We design it compactly so that you will get a small exhibition stand design but which worth much more. We have to do all elements in capsule form to keep the elegancy in small space and accommodate lots of steps. We should utilize each and every inch. In the corners we can keep compact stand that can hold your brochure, flyers, visiting card, magazines, articles etc. It won’t take much space and holds all of your information.

Modular stands are flexible and versatile. They can be folded in any size and are portable and can be transported very easily. The frame works can be reused and reconfigured. Hence it is cost efficient too. The graphic print outs can cover the frameworks. Display maximum products in minimum space available. Our modular exhibition stand designs encourages these features. All these factors can make a positive impact on your business too. You can experience more and more enquiries and thus more and more business. We give importance not only to the design but also to the safety. Modular stands promote that. We use electrifying graphic designs that can attract the eyes of every age.

Extra accessories

Apart from normal design elements, we add extra accessories that are necessary for the stall. If it seem a customer support stand is necessary, then we can immediately fix that. Like wise if there arises the need of a plasma or LED screen, we can immediately configure the frame to suit that or we have lot of pre built designs which can be used for such emergencies. We always keep a large stock of the materials. Soothing colour combination will be given to flavour the ambience in order to attract more visitors. Adequate lighting will also be provided. Any light box or backlights if needed will be set immediately to make it the best exhibition stand design in Chennai.

We are with you

You can experience that we go hand in hand with you throughout the project. From beginning to finish we will be there to advise you in every step because we are well experienced and we know what all are needed to do to make the exhibition a big success which adds one more feather in our hat as the best exhibition stand design company in Chennai.