We, Pixelmate India, is a team of vibrant and enthusiastic humans. We have a team of creative designers, hard working managers, dedicated technicians and skilled workers to achieve the goal of maintaining the highest quality and the best solution for our client. We make an intimate relation with our client and try to understand them better than any other company. We focus on our clients individually to give them the best possible solution. We treat our client like our family to achieve the goal together. Our promises are always guaranteed and hence we are the best exhibition stand design company in Bangalore.

Our designs : The best exhibition stand design in Bangalore

A good design is a silent seller. We work on this factor keenly and make the best of the best designs for our client. Our each client will get unique designs. We take care not to duplicate our designs and do not sell our designs. We design custom exhibition stand and also we do own technology products and try to create an interactive, attractive, effective, digital exhibition stand at an affordable, cost effective rate and make sure that you stand out among others in your industry. We do designs that are innovative and have market demand. Our in-house construction team can make the design to reality and build each and every stand in a professional manner maintaining the high quality. We design and develop our own contents and the benefit of being digital is that the content can be reused, changed and updated wirelessly whenever needed and make it the best exhibition stand design in Bangalore.

We manage

We manage the whole project from concept design to execution and dismantling. We provide a complete  3600 solution in an affordable way. We take over your stress from liasing with the organisers, making graphics, decoration elements, installation of electric lights, audio visuals etc. We would compete on price and solution and that makes us the best exhibition stand designers in Bangalore. We provide a sustainable, economical and eco friendly exhibition display.

Team Pixelmate India designers

Our most creative and crazy designers, who keep themselves updated with newest technology gives our clients a turn key solution for the best exhibition stand design. We do

  • Research on our client
  • Study about their industry and make a note on their competitors
  • Study the current market and industry trends
  • Create extremely innovative and fresh concept
  • Discuss the design with the client
  • Make changes according to his requirements and refine the design
  • Make 3D  renderings so that the client can have a good view of his to be exhibition stand and make any appropriate changes
  • Taking into account of the space available, make design that can attract more viewers


How it works

After making the design, it is given to the production team. They make modular or conventional designs which you opt for. If it a brand new design , our in house production team will make it. We also have a stock of imported materials. Ready made stands are also available. But we give importance to you and make appropriate design on that basis. We use pollution free, high quality, non poisonous materials in our stands. High quality panels and slats that are imported are used. We prefer small exhibition stand design that can give more messages.

Our modular stand design provides more information in the very small floor area we get. We install the stand in such a way that the visitors can get enough walking space. Even in this case, the display stands should be compact and at the same time should hold maximum number of products. We do care to make a compact stand that can hold all of your literatures such as brochures, magazines etc. We design in such a way, even if the space is filled with various types of stands, visitors will not feel a congestion. In fact, the ambience is so soothing that the visitors won’t feel to leave without reading or getting all information about you, so that you would be the first company coming in their mind at time when they need similar service. We always try to provide our stand with maximum opening from all the possible side , in order to enable maximum access for the visitors. The graphic printouts some times serves as wall too. High format contents are used. The designs will be eye catching as well as elegant. The print outs are used to cover the frame works properly. Minimal and adequate lighting arrangements will be provided , the products will be well highlighted. Extra slats and light boxes, if needed , will be provided. Carpets , furniture etc. will follow the elegant colour theme. In short you will be provided with the most elegant and the best exhibition stand design.

How we serve you

We provide you with an award winning exhibition stand that value your investment. We ensure a world class impression with a powerful brand endorsement. We have an impeccable record of providing the quality exhibition stand design. We have got a proven track record. The strategies we work out makes our client the best in the industry. Our exceptional designs do make an excellent impact. We do time bound service from concept to delivery. We always do new new designs , introducing new elements. Recently we opt the theme of go green to provide our fellow being space and air to breath. We add more plants to the suitable design to give a fresh and natural look. High technology efficient brand new styles are introduced in each individual designs to make it the best exhibition stand design in Bangalore.

We offer:

  • Graphic design
  • 3D design
  • Printing
  • Project management
  • modular and small designs
  • Electrical works
  • Carpets and floorings
  • Audio visual equipments
  • Furniture

We will not leave you after doing the arrangements. In fact we will be there with you through out the project. We will leave you only after dismantling and keep the materials in a safe storage.